The results of the election to repair Songkhla, District 6, overturn the Democratic Party, leading the Democratic Party to win

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16 Jan 2022 20:13

The results of the election of MPs for the district 6 Songkhla turned down a landslide, most recently, the unofficial vote number 1 “Perfume” Supaporn Kamendaphol, the PPP voted down number 3, Nong Boat Anukul Prueksanusak, Phalang Pracharath followed. With number 2, the party has gone far

Reporters reported that Atmosphere of vote counting at the polling station of the MPs, District 6, Songkhla Province, where many Sadao municipalities have completed vote counting. Khlong Hoi Khong District and 2 Subdistricts of Hat Yai District Unofficial total score No. 1, Mr. Supaporn Kamalaphol, or Perfume, a candidate from the Democratic Party. won this election with the score not leaving much.

Anukul Phrusanusak, aka Boat, the No. 3 candidate from the Pracharat Party. Followed by scores and Mr. Thiwat Dumkaew, a candidate from the Kao Klai Party, followed in 3rd place and Mr. Pongsatorn Suwanraksa from the Kla Party.

In the area in the municipality, Mr. Anukul Pruksanusak number 3 from the Pracharath Party Ms. Supaporn Kammattphon has the lead number 1 in some units, but in the outskirts of Sadao District, No. 1 has the lead in almost every unit. by the votes from all polling stations are coming to collect at the Sadao District Community Hall which will inform you again.

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