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The results of the health checkup of a man who ‘drank 3 packs of cigarettes a day + drink every day’ were all surprised

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Actor Joo-hyeon, who was born in 1943 and is 79 years old this year, is drawing attention when the results of her medical examination have been released.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Godfather’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 24th, a scene was drawn where Joo-hyeon was deceived by comedian Moon Se-yoon’s good lies and went to the hospital for a medical checkup. Joo-hyeon, who suddenly entered the hospital, underwent various examinations such as height, weight, hearing and vision, and even filled out a questionnaire, then sat down in front of the doctor with a trembling heart.

Below is KBS2’s ‘Godfather’

There was a reason why Joohyun waited for the results of the examination with a heavy heart. This is because he has consistently smoked 60 cigarettes a day (3 packs) for the past 40 years and has continued to drink heavily, drinking 10 times a week.

As a result of the examination, Joo-hyeon’s height decreased by 4 cm and her waist increased by 2 inches. In addition, eyesight and hearing decreased due to aging. Fortunately, however, the overall test results turned out to be okay, contrary to concerns.

Nam Jae-hyeon, an internal medicine specialist who received the test results, expressed surprise at Joo-hyeon’s muscle mass, which far exceeded the average figure, saying, “If it is like the old days, he has a general body shape.” Still, “the liver is a little white. The white ones are called fatty liver. He said, “I have fatty liver,” he said. “I think I need to cut down on alcohol a bit.” He said, “But compared to the amount of alcohol I usually drink, it’s about the liver of a baby.” “There are no signs of serious disease.”

At the result, Joo-hyeon was relieved, saying, “I didn’t say anything, so I died and came back to life.” He expressed his gratitude to Moon Se-yoon, who made him take a health checkup because he thought of himself, saying, “I did my job properly.”


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