The return of happiness that is more than worth it! 4 sweet mouths apart when I survive #Fight, we must survive.

The return of happiness that is worth more than worth it!! 4 sweet mouths apart when I survive #Fight, we have to survive a Concert for all emotions!! most impressive

Completely ended, fully waiting for more than 3 years at CHANGE SHOWBIZ led by P’ Chod Saithip Montrikul Na Ayutthaya, the first concert to return happiness to all of the 4 talented artists Aof – Pongsak Rattanaphong, Wan – Thanakrit Panichwit, Pop – Pongkul Suebsoon and Ceirch – Pramote Pathan, four Chaturathep, Sai Ha, eloquently eloquent until they had to sing Sed, without losing their singing style. This time, they fill the quality of laughter with tears falling for 2 rounds in the concert “4 apart Pak Wan: I will survive #Fight, we must survive” held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September. In the past, at Royal Paragon Hall, part of the proceeds from this ticket sale donated to the foundation “House of Life Jai Saman Newydd” to help children, youth and disabled people who suffer It can be said that all tastes, happiness, fun, merit, all dimensions very well in this concert.

When it starts, it explodes with fun to move with music. world Ready to shoot the first ammo from the launch without having to wait for the fans to establish themselves by picking up the gimmick. Let’s talk about the name of the concert to let you know before getting this name How the story comes about!! Call Hasan Hall crunchy to match the concept. ‘Even if the world is bad But we are mouthy.’
Then flip the switch to adjust the mood mode to stomach breathing with your own music part starting from Pop with Undo, a common song for a broken hearted person. Constantly crushing each other’s vibes with the music The closer you get, the more unknown you are from Wan, which takes you to the extremes of the Z people with Oat in the song Jai Kare, ending with a hit song like Toh Rim in the version of Aof the owner brought this song to sing because of the new song That can release the sound power like Somsak, the godfather of slow songs

The behavior has been abolished in the same part of the show. It’s time to combine the power to impress the song “Long Jai” and “Na Na Tong”, which is a sign for fans to wait for a big set of fun from now on. And he did not disappoint the part to establish a secret circle again. With life updates and social media tracking deep in the time that has been lost for more than 3 years, this event, every person scrambles to release things like no other. until having to ask for a hashtag to save the jaws of the audience in the hall ready to level the fun even more Hermione’s younger sister, Oat, will not let her friend have the scene alone. Grab a mic to give some cuteness away in the song “Ken Pui Mui”, “Pop” and “Wan” not soft. Let’s call the score as well. Bring a pen to the band and a chip ax as 4 Chao Tao steals the audience’s smile.

And it came to the moment many people had been waiting for. with the opening scene of a special guest that made the hall thunder with a scream of welcome!! Phi Phi who came to the song “I’ll Do It How You Like It” made the fans melt with a sweet smile. Then adjust the way to surge emotions to move together in the song, a handkerchief that I would like to represent the crossroads to welcome Phi Phi with the most fun!!! Before Phi Phi ends this scene with an impression of the song. one of the few

Flick your finger to call your mind!! because from now on everyone will be in the risk group. with the indispensable colors of this concert Draw attention to the t-shirt that comes in the form of a song that stings Calls of laughter and applause from the audience erupted into the hall.

Highlight for the second special guest A new artist in the music industry but has been in the entertainment industry for a long time On the temporary stage, challenge the key showdown with 4 concert owners in This event stunned everyone. Because of the top girl, he came to shake his neck in the most exciting rhythm with the song Doremi, ready to release the first rap song in his life which is about to be released soon, showing the owner of the stage to be amazed Before ending, showing the power of the song, I don’t know you, I don’t know you, along with pop, this scene is full of happiness, not stuck, not broken.

Followed by another important park of these intersections intended to be made for the fans. Break out the screams to the max when the cove is a Mission 4 project, Oat wants to play drum sticks, Wan & Pop, let’s show the style of the guitar and bass solo!!! On this side of the park, this forward is acting very cool!! And the four also surprised, taking the music fans sitting on the time machine back to experience the atmosphere of the 90s, bringing songs to listen to Ladprao to sing in a 4-separate concert with the the popular song “Only You” from Pop, causing them to forget the image of the godfather. The song is heartbreaking. Spoilers are secretly in love with each other in a fake song by Wan and tag team Oats to help strengthen the emotional army of the heartbroken in the song. I can’t change my mind Ending with Aof in the song I want you to know that I love you.

And at the end of the concert, it’s a time not to be missed!!! with Copy Show, a signature show that uses the best wood Hit the dead wood to show every year. And this year is known as the top form. The audience screamed, the hall broke with the transformation of 4 boys into 4 girls. Night 2002 ended the fun with a fun set of songs, Genie Ja and Hula Hula before sending everyone home. with a full impression of the song “From now on, every love song will be hers alone”, it can be called a concert “4 mouth-watering episodes apart I will survive #Fight, we must survive, this time all the fans choked with cheers and laughter going home as very comprehensive

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