The rich and powerful too have to fight!Guo Jingjing prepares for the exam at night, international referee asks netizens for maintenance advice

Guo Jingjing spent the night preparing for the international referee and asked netizens for maintenance advice.

Guo Jingjing, the Chinese “diving queen”, stayed in the simple after marriage and devoted herself to husband and child. However, she was still tireless in learning as a “rich man”. She recently updated her personal information on social platforms and posted photos of studying with a computer all night, and blew herself up. I am working hard to review my homework, prepare for the FINA referee exam, and ask netizens for advice on maintenance, which has aroused heated discussion.


After getting married, Guo Jingjing stayed in Jane and devoted herself to husband and child.

Guo Jingjing was once a leading figure in diving in China. She won four gold medals in four Olympic games. After retiring in 2011, she married Huo Qigang the following year. After marrying into a wealthy family, she is very low-key, but she also attends sports activities from time to time. A few days ago, she posted a post on the social page, revealing that “I have also started to stay up late… preparing for the FINA refereeing” and wrote “I am working hard recently. Homework, preparing for the FINA referee, often staying up late to face the computer. I want to know what good maintenance suggestions do you have for the unavoidable staying up late? Please Amway~”


Guo Jingjing updated her personal information on social platforms and posted photos of studying at the computer all night. (Online picture)

Netizens left messages after watching Guo Jingjing’s recent developments and expressed surprise, “Look, rich ladies are working so hard, why don’t we have any reason not to work hard.” Someone also urged her not to forget to drink more water and less coffee throughout the night. Get up early to bed, otherwise your eyes and body will be irreversibly damaged.

Inspired by the Chinese diving team leader Zhou Jihong, Guo Jingjing enrolled in the FINA referee course in 2019 and passed the assessment to become a diving G-level referee, thus embarking on the road of international refereeing. In July this year, the Tokyo Olympics, Guo Jingjing participated in this four-year event as an international referee for the first time.


Guo Jingjing (second from right) participated in the Tokyo Olympics for the first time as an international referee in July this year.


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