The Rise and Fall of Sneko: Unveiling the Controversy Surrounding the Alpha Male Image

A week ago, a short video clip went viral across the internet. In the video, a group of boys approached Sneko or Nico Kenn de Ballithaze, an internet celebrity known for promoting the concept of an alpha male. At first glance, it may seem like a group of boys wanting to play the role of wolves. However, their interaction took a disturbing turn. One boy shouted derogatory remarks about women, while others expressed transphobic and violent views. Sneko, shocked by the incident, can be seen looking directly into the camera and saying, “What did I do?!” Many people expressed disappointment and sadness in the comments, criticizing Sneko’s behavior. The discussion also linked to the origin of the “red pill” ideology, which gained popularity on web boards like 4chan and Reddit. The “red pill” represents a belief in male dominance and awakening to the reality that men are superior. The concept comes from the movie “The Matrix.” Unfortunately, those promoting this ideology often fail to realize that the directors of the film, the Wachowski sisters, are transgender. The ideology has attracted groups such as incels, who blame women for their struggles in finding a partner. Over the years, the idea of the alpha male has spread on the internet based on sociobiological theories among animals. Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, has been one of the prominent figures promoting alpha male values. However, these values perpetuate toxic masculinity and can harm those who adhere to them. This image of masculinity also revolves around seeking acceptance from other males and often aligns with right-wing political views. In the case of Sneko, a group of boys took advantage of his celebrity status to harass and disrespect him, capturing it on film.

A week ago There is a short video clip. which has become viral across the internet When a group of boys went to ask to be photographed with Sneko or Nico Kenn de Ballithaze, an internet celebrity who was one of the people who spread the concept of an alpha male, or masculinity that n come with power and Be a leader, which is the characteristic of a sergeant. -Even if you read it at first glance, you may understand that it is a group of crazy people who want to play the role of wolves. He saw that the boy was shouting with joy on his face, “Woman, come and die!” “F*ck the girls!” Snickers replied, their face discolored, “Wait! No, it’s not like that, guys. Listen, we love girls. We love girls.”

And the situation continued to worsen. When a group of boys who were still jumping around shouted back, “Yeah, but we don’t like transgender people,” while another boy shouted loudly, “Oh, you’re all going to die! “

In that clip, what does Sneko look like? He looked straight into the video camera and simply said, “What did I do?!”

Apparently Sneko was just shocked and saw the incident as his daily joke. But many people don’t see it that way. Many people came to make comments under the clip to express their disappointment and sorrow, such as, “This is very disgusting. He shouldn’t smile at something like this. and he should know by now how what he says affects the people who listen.”, “I can’t believe that the children Look at this guy as an idol.”, “The man was that drives women to their deaths. It’s as if your mother didn’t drive eight hours to meet this loser you idolized.”

Including, “Hey, here’s your ‘red pill’ medicine, Sneko.”

‘Red medicine’ has become the subject of many people’s comments. The address is under the Sneko clip. And this is no coincidence at all. Because it links to the origin of the idea of ​​being a ‘straight man’ or alpha male, which exploded in popularity on the internet a few years ago (although the actual definition of the alpha male was born a long time ago ago.) Someone once posted a question on the Reddit website (Reddit – an American web board) about the origin of the popularity of the issue of male leadership. In short That is, this popularity has only recently grown. and it was born on web boards like 4chan as well as Reddit itself. There is a forum called TheRedPill or the red pill, a term that groups favoring masculinity or male dominance (male spermacists) use to define an ‘awakened’ state that men should use the power and dominance of society which is full in hand And it is considered an awakening to the reality of society, the economic situation, that men are the sex that is better than all other sexes.

As for the term ‘red pill’, if there is anyone who watches films often He probably caught it from the film The Matrix (1999) by the Wachowski brothers. It is about humans living in a simulated world created by artificial intelligence. The main character lives as a boring worker. Humber and died for days. A stranger was ‘awakened’ by being given a choice of two tablets. “This is your last chance. There is no turning back. -If you choose the blue drink, that’s the end of the story. You’ll wake up in your bed and continue to believe what you want to believe. But if you choose the red pill You will live in a wonderful world. And I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” In other words, the blue pill is a representation of calm. Defeated and continued to live in the sluggish world we were familiar with. The red pill is also a representation of the courage to wake up to the truth that affects the lives of the characters. This is also the origin of the battle between humans and artificial intelligence in the story.

(One depressing thing, however, is that RedPill forum members, who are obsessed with waking up to their own dominance and oppressing other sexes, have no idea that the Wachowskis. -who directed the movie they used as a reference and referred to as transgender)

The Matrix (1999)

And these threads have become a gathering place for incels (incels – involuntary celibates, that is, people who are unwillingly single), which refers to a group of internet cultures. It often involves articles or threads expressing frustration at not being able to find a partner. They often blame women for ruining their lives. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) defines incels as “It’s part of the dominant mentality,” says Sophia Smith Geller, a journalist and author who specializes in culture. In an interview with the BBC News Agency, she said, “This group sees women as the center of all problems. Instead of looking at the real root of the problem That comes from structures in society and certain attitudes that harm everyone. And many of them spread hateful ideas towards women. (misogynist), violence and self-harm As it will help improve their quality of life.”

Many years later the concept of the alpha male has spread across the internet. This definition of the term is based on social priorities among herd animals. By the person who is the leader – who is respected by males and females in his own pack – is often called the alpha The use of the word alpha to denote the leader of the flock has been from around since 1921, according to a textbook by an anthropologist who studied the hierarchical system of chickens. By replacing the hen as the leader with the first letter of the Greek language, which is alpha, while the others that are next in order are beta (beta), before being broken down into many different types that cannot be classified. Including sigma men, which is the definition of a man with leadership qualities not unlike alphas. But it is better to separate from the group to live in solitude. Often portrayed as a ‘lone wolf’, this is another group of men who are considered rare among men. (And although many tribes like to show their power charts with cool animals like wolves or lions, But I want to remind you often. that when it explains matters of priority in the society of herd animals Mandrills are often used as an example because they give a clearer picture of having a leader. Because the herd is big And the male is bigger than the female. The highlight is that the body is brightly colored, including the nose, cheeks , and the bottom line – hey, it’s not cool to be a lonely mandrill. I’d be equally ashamed to use the lonely hen that originates from this letter.)

The person who ‘pictures’ the alpha male is Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer who became an internet sensation by introducing the concept of alpha male values. For example, “The way of thinking about masculinity is You must understand that life is war!” or “Men were not designed to live comfortably. We must stay focused. Drowning in pain and agony To finally own something,” which is seen as a statement that further perpetuates toxic masculinity. That is, it harms the people who subscribe to this idea by implying that they are the subject of pain. forced to show their strength (Tate also has a long history of rape and human trafficking) and even Sneego himself, who often hosts internet shows about ‘chai-ness-being’ ‘Male’ in aml. On one hand, this image means masculinity is to seek acceptance from other males as well.

Max Cotton, a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, said: “These are the people that ordinary men Live an ordinary life, dream and see. At the same time, they often think that ‘We can be like the celebrities this if we have the right attitude,'” he said. “And there is also the issue of political views. Because these alpha idols are often right-wing, outspoken, and have anti-awakening characteristics.”

The alpha male attached to the ideas of Tate, Sneko or any of the most famous males on the internet, on the one hand, creates a visible effect. Including the case where a group of boys gangbanged Sneeko, took pictures and shouted hateful words towards the other sex as well. The Telegraph news agency reported the story of a mother and her 17-year-old son who first discovered that she was tender. son You’ve changed When it was decided that men had to leave the house to make money and women should stay at home He paid £40 a month to receive teachings or ideas from the Tate through Hustlers University, an organization set up by the Tate to lead people to success. And one of his many teachings was to tell women to stay at home and watch the house.

or on the other side celebrities that the horny people want to tremble in their praise are not spreading other sexist ideas. Like Tate or Sneko. but often shows the image The ideal ‘masculinity’ rejects life in the system and calls for strength. Brian Johnson, known as the King of the Liver, often promotes ‘manhood’ Living a lifestyle in cave (ancient way of life), which means eating fresh, unseasoned meat and organs. and has repeatedly come out and said, “What I worry about is Men these days seem so weak.”

Anyway, back to Sneko. He responded to the video on Twitter saying, “They’re still young and it’s obvious. That they tease me. When I was 12 I was like this. But if this sounds serious to you, then go ahead and blame the schools they teach. Blame the media for making men look so embarrassed. And I’ll tell you it’s all your fault. It’s not children who create these issues, because men are men all the time.” He finished by posting a video clip of him practicing boxing with the message, “I want to see my own children in the parade. (Post a picture of a rainbow flag) Or in the gym?” The next funny story is There were people who went to comment under this clip and it was overwhelming. I’m gay and I’ve been to the rainbow parade and the gym, you’re trying to walk in the Pride parade. to see that the muscles are bagged How does he look? Over 80 percent of the gay men I know are in better shape than you. His body looks like it’s the first time that he worked out in the gym, so he shouldn’t be bothering anyone, etc.

Many people have pointed out that these alpha male idols sell an image of charismatic masculinity to young men. A new generation who feel they have been pushed to the margins of modern society. This feeling of being different and other. (Or for some people, the word ‘defeat’) forces them to search for who they are and what they want to see in order to return to the top of the pack. The University of Gothenburg once conducted a survey and found that Men under the age of 30 tend to be less willing to accept women’s rights compared to older men. And they often consider the success of women to be an obstacle for them. The inclusion of this role is another form of sexism in modern society.

Furthermore, a society that oppresses people – of all sexes, of all ages, and of almost all statuses – like today, makes people see life more negatively. That is, given their position in society. They may feel invisible. Without having any success The secret is that they are more ready to blame others than the social conditions that squeeze their Adam’s apple. Because blaming society is a very un-alpha way. They tend to be obsessed with improving themselves in order to climb to the top of the chain in a distorted society. This is because there is no opportunity in such an unequal social environment for many people to ‘access’ resources or be at the top of the chain. Strumming up is another way of proving their masculinity. And the Alpha Wallabies’ favorite celebrities take advantage of this feeling of ‘vulnerability’ to sell courses for a living.

speaking in the roughest way We are all victims of this distorted social condition. And some ideas will only strangle young men to make life difficult to prove their masculinity. Masculinity is hard earned and must be displayed to the world. The roar of fragile masculinity that says “Hook pip” (nga).

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