The Rise in Crimes Targeting Street Money Changers: Security Concerns and Recent Incidents

Series of Crimes Target Street Money Changers

In recent times, street money changers have found themselves at the mercy of an appalling wave of criminal activities. These unscrupulous individuals deceive unsuspecting changers by posing as legitimate customers seeking to exchange money, only to abscond with the cash. Unlike banks that boast robust security systems, these street outlets make for enticing targets due to their inherent vulnerability.

Reporter Yoo Seo-young Investigates

Investigative journalist Yoo Seo-young has delved into this disconcerting trend, uncovering shocking details that underscore the audacity of these culprits. In a recent exposé, Yoo Seo-young highlighted an incident involving a thirty-something Chinese national.

The perpetrator strategically lured a money changer out of their establishment by masquerading as a broker with a promising proposition involving a sizeable sum of Chinese currency. Once outside, the rogue snatched the money bag before sprinting towards a getaway vehicle awaiting his swift escape.

After a four-hour manhunt, the suspect was apprehended, but rather than admitting guilt, he craftily claimed that he intended to exchange the stolen cash at a later time. Moreover, although the affected money changer estimated damages at a staggering 125 million won, the apprehended criminal contested this figure, alleging that only 60 million won occupied the bag.

Local authorities are currently preparing to request an arrest warrant for the accused on theft charges. The vulnerability of these street money changers, known for their significant cash transactions and limited security measures, makes them prime targets for such criminal acts.

Pyeongtaek Robbery Shakes Money Changer Community

In an alarming incident that rattled the money changer community two days ago, an exchange office in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do fell victim to robbery. Two masked culprits descended from a vehicle and swiftly infiltrated the premises.

Underneath their disguises, the duo meticulously scoured the area before swiftly retreating back to their getaway car in less than two minutes. The thieves managed to abscond with an estimated worth of 80 million dollars’ worth of currency.

A sixty-year-old woman, cornered and coerced with the menace of a mock firearm, was forced to unlock the safe and relinquish its contents. Subsequent investigations revealed that one of the offenders, a Tajik national, managed to flee the country on the day of the crime. Fortunately, the other suspect was apprehended the following morning at the airport while awaiting a flight. An arrest warrant has since been issued for the latter.

In a collaborative effort to bring the remaining fugitive to justice, local authorities have joined forces with Interpol, striving to trace the fugitive’s whereabouts as she seeks refuge within her homeland.

This is Yoo Seo-young reporting for MBC News.

Video commentary: Lee Jun-ha / Video editing: Kim Min-ji

◀ Anchor ▶

Recently, street money changers have been suffering from a series of crimes.

They cheated as if they were going to change money and run away with the money.

Compared to banks, it is a target for crime due to its weak security.

Reporter Yoo Seo-young covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

A man carries a paper bag and runs through an alley in a residential area.

A Chinese man in his 30s.

After calling the money changer out of the shop by tricking him into changing a large amount of Chinese currency he was winning through a broker, he took the money bag and ran away.

He climbed into the car driven by the money changer and demanded ‘let’s see the money first’, taking only the bag.

The man, who was caught after a four-hour escape, denied the charges during a police investigation, saying, “I took the money first and then tried to transfer Chinese money later.”

In addition, unlike the money changer’s statement that the damage was 125 million won, he claimed that only 60 million won was in the bag.

The police intend to apply for an arrest warrant for the man on a charge of theft.

Money changers on these streets with many cash transactions and low security are often targets of crime.

[서울 구로동 A 환전소 (음성변조)]

“Not worried of course. I left it open because it was so frustrating, but when a guest comes in, I close that door…″

[서울 구로동 B 환전소 (음성변조)]

“I also think I shouldn’t go out with money.”

Two days ago, a robbery occurred at an exchange office in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do.

Two men came out of the car with masks and hats covering their faces.

He looked around and went somewhere, and in less than two minutes he jumped back into the car.

They won what they had in their hands and won about 80 million dollars worth.

A woman in her 60s was threatened with a fake gun to open the safe, and then the money was stolen.

One of the Tajik nationals left the country on the day of the crime, and the other was caught at the airport waiting for a flight the next morning and an arrest warrant was requested.

The police are working with Interpol to trace the whereabouts of the Tajik who fled to her homeland.

This is Yoo Seo-young from MBC News.

Video commentary: Lee Jun-ha / Video editing: Kim Min-ji

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