The Rise of Roberto De Zerbi: Brighton’s Manager Shines in the Premier League

Premier League Kick-Off: Burnley vs Manchester City

August 11 marked the thrilling start of the highly anticipated 2023-24 Premier League season, with Burnley facing off against the formidable Manchester City. The football fervor continued on the 12th as Brighton hosted Luton Town in an exciting clash at home.

Manchester City: Reigning Champions and Champions League Glory

Last season’s Premier League champions, Manchester City, left an indelible mark on English football. Their supreme dominance extended beyond the domestic realm, as they clinched the esteemed Champions League title, solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Achievements aside, when discussing the team, it is impossible to overlook their esteemed manager, Josep Guardiola. While names like Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, and Ruben Diaz may resonate with fans, Guardiola’s leadership remains the cornerstone of City’s success. This team thrives under the astute guidance of their director, with Guardiola spearheading their tactics and strategies.

Brighton’s Rising Star: Kaoru Mitoma

Within the ranks of Brighton, there exists a rising star that inevitably steals the spotlight – Kaoru Mitoma. This Japanese talent has garnered considerable attention and elevated Brighton’s profile. While their football may allure fans, it is Mitoma who truly captures the imagination and generates fervent discussion. Undoubtedly, the manager remains the primary star of this team. Brighton’s impressive 6th place finish in the previous season owed much to the astute leadership of Roberto De Zerbi.

Last September witnessed De Zerbi stepping in to replace Graham Potter, who had spent three seasons at the helm of Brighton. De Zerbi’s managerial prowess had been evident during his tenure with Sassuolo in Serie A, where he guided the team for three successful seasons. However, unforeseen circumstances forced him to leave Ukrainian club Shakhtar after just a year, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolded. Subsequently, De Zerbi assumed the reins of Brighton, demonstrating his resilience and tactical acumen.

Mitoma’s arrival at Brighton coincided with De Zerbi’s appointment, and it was around this time that my own fascination with football was sparked by witnessing Mitoma’s prowess on the field.

Guardiola’s Attacking Philosophy and Parallel with Mitoma

There is an intriguing similarity between Josep Guardiola and Kaoru Mitoma. Both share a profound commitment to attacking football, with Guardiola known for his iconic formations involving a back 4 accompanied by wide wing play.

During Guardiola’s playing days at Barcelona, Italian teams were often inclined to adopt a conservative counterattacking approach against their attacking prowess. However, Guardiola tenaciously clung to his attacking style, leading him to numerous successes. As a player, he secured the European Cup only once, but as a manager, Guardiola has triumphed thrice. This remarkable transition epitomizes his journey from being a remarkable player to an influential figure representing the vanguard of attacking football.

The 2023-24 Premier League season kicked off on August 11 with Burnley v Manchester City. Brighton are at home to Luton Town on the 12th.

Last season’s winner Manchester City also won the Champions League (CL) and contributed to raising the status of the Premier League.

The manager is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the team. Be Josep Guardiola, not Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland or Ruben Diaz. The director is the biggest star. It is a coach led team.

Kaoru Mitoma’s Brighton is a team that should be called a smaller version, so to speak. In Japan, when talking about Brighton, the existence of Mitoma comes to light. The attraction of Brighton football is secondary to all the hype about Mitoma’s comment. I can’t help it if I say it can’t be helped, but the biggest star of this team is the manager. Last season’s 6th place finish would not have been possible without manager Roberto De Zerbi.

Last September, De Zerbi was called up to replace Graham Potter, who has been Brighton manager for three seasons. In 2018, aged 39, he was appointed manager of Sassuolo (Serie A). After spending three seasons, he moved to Ukrainian Shakhtar, but left after a year due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. About two months later, he took over as Brighton manager.

It’s almost the same timing as the Mitoma joint. To be honest, I was also fascinated by football through Mitoma.

Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton), who played against Rayo Vallecano in the pre-season See pictures related to this article What Guardiola has in common is that his concept of football is attacking. Back 4 with both wings extending out on the sides.

During Guardiola’s playing days at Barcelona, ​​it was a normal composition for Italian teams to counterattack against the attacking team.

Balsa fits nicely into that charm. However, he stubbornly defended his style. Guardiola only won the European Cup once as a player, but last season was his third as a manager. He has risen to the position of a successful player representing the attacking football camp.

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