The Rise of Thai Merchants in the Football Boots Industry: Alejandro Carnacio’s Impact

Thai Merchant Reveals Details of Alejandro Carnacio’s Nike Football Boots

Extraordinary Journey of the Thai Trade Shop

Phattaranai Romyanon, also known as Jui Mr, a Thai person residing in England, is the proud owner of the online shoe store known as “cornelmanuk.” Though running a Thai restaurant is his primary occupation, the online shoe store has been his hobby since late 2019. What started as a mere collection of old and rare football boots soon gained attention from Premier League footballers, who began following his page and seeking his assistance in finding football cleats.

Alejandro Carnacio’s Special Connection with the Thai Shop

Alejandro Carnacio, the young talent from Manchester United, sported the “Future DNA” Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 football boots during the much-anticipated game against Arsenal on September 3, 2023. Despite having an opportunity to score for his team, VAR ruled the goal offside. However, Carnacio’s choice of footwear caught the eye of many. The boots, purchased from the Thai trader “cornelmanuk,” became a hot item among fans.

An Exclusive Insight into the Purchase

In an exclusive interview with the TrueID Sport team, Mr. Jui shared the details of Alejandro Carnacio’s interaction with the Thai shop. Recounting their chats, Mr. Jui revealed that he and Carnacio had been conversing since the early days when his Instagram followers numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Carnacio had inquired about the availability of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 “Future DNA” model, and Mr. Jui assured him that he could procure it within two weeks. Carnacio expressed his happiness and even sent a photo of himself holding the shoes and capturing the shop sign. The very next day, he wore the boots during training and subsequently showcased them in the game against Arsenal.

“He bought the shoes from us and took photos holding them. He even captured our shop sign and sent the picture back to us. The next day, he wore them for training, and the following day, he competed against Arsenal while wearing our shoes. Witnessing our sold shoes in action brought immense joy. It’s likely that I, as a Thai person, became the first to sell to such a prominent player in the English league, and that makes me very happy.”

The Enthusiasm Surrounding the Thai Shop

Mr. Jui also mentioned that apart from players in the minor league and renowned athletes, even members of the Thai national team have visited his shop to purchase football boots. He extended an invitation to anyone interested in this year’s boot models or looking to buy high-quality football cleats to contact him via Instagram (@cornermanuk) or Facebook (Phatthanai Romyanon).

The Unique Design of Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 “Future DNA”

Drawing inspiration from the design of the Mercurial Superfly 1 from 2009, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 “Future DNA” football cleats exhibit the distinctive colors of the Future DNA collection.

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After the football game Premier League Arsenal meet Manchester United Last September 3 Alejandro Carnacio A Manchester United player scored a goal but was caught offside by VAR, losing 1-3 to Arsenal There is a surge in interest in Garnacho’s Nike football boots, which he bought from a Thai trader. Today, we will take you to open the minds of Thai merchants who sellNike football boots giveAlejandro Carnacio together

Alejandro Carnacio Young players from Manchester United wore the “Future DNA” Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 football boots on the pitch in the big game between Arsenal and Manchester United on Sunday. Last September 3, 2023 and they had a chance to score a goal for the team, but VAR took it back because it was considered offside. But in addition to the competition in the Premier League, Another interesting thing is that Carnacho wears these shoes on the field. bought from a Thai trade shop called “cornelmanuk”

a shop owner cornermanuk in Phattaranai Romyanon or Jui Mr who is a Thai person living in England Opening a Thai restaurant is my main occupation. and opened a shoe store page “cornelmanuk” Only online has been a hobby since the end of 2019, which originated from collecting old football boots, rare models, until more Premier League footballers follow the page. and ask him to find football cleats

Until Alejandro Carnacho asked to buy Nike football boots, Mercurial Vapor 13 “Future DNA” model, Mr. Jui told the TrueID Sports team that he (Alejandro Carnacho) also The DM conversation is normal. We have talked in true since the days when the number of followers was still in the hundreds of thousands. He said how long would it take to get these shoes? Khun then informs Jui that he needs 2 weeks and that he can find it for him. I feel very happy. I don’t think he will wear it as soon as he buys it.

“He bought the shoes from us. and took photos holding shoes Capture our shop sign and send the photo back to us. The next day he wore it on the training pitch. The next day there was a game against Arsenal. He wore it to compete. When I saw the shoes we sold I feel very happy. Probably the first Thai person to sell to a big player like this in the English league. I feel happy.”

Khun Jui also told us about When there are players in the minor league And there are famous players. Some people come to buy some. Including Thai national team players who have also come to buy shoes. If anyone is very interested in this year’s model of football boots. Or if you want to buy football boots, you can contact via Instagram: cornermanuk or via Facebook Phatthanai Romyanon.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 “Future DNA” football cleats are based on the design of the Mercurial Superfly 1 from 2009 and feature special colors from the Future DNA collection.

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