The Rising Stars of Japanese Baseball: Yoto Sakai Unveils Takigawa Hajime’s Record-Breaking Right Arm

Yoto Sakai Showcases Hajime Takigawa’s Blazing 149 km Right Arm

On the 7th, Takanoren, Japan’s official professional baseball organization, updated their list of players who have submitted professional application forms on their official website. Among the six new additions is Kyoshiro Sakura, an outstanding outfielder from Kyushu International University.

List of Candidates Who Submitted a Professional Application Form:

  • Kyoshiro Sakura
  • Other Candidates

Sakura, renowned for his impressive 31 home runs during high school, is often referred to as one of the “high school BIG 3” alongside Hanamaki Higashi outfielder Rintaro Sasaki and Koryo Kei Manabe infielder. During this year’s Koshien tournament, Sakura’s team suffered a defeat in the first game against Tsuchiura Nihon University (Ibaraki), with Sakura himself managing 1 hit in 4 at-bats.

Other notable players who have submitted their applications include Eimei’s pitcher Hiroto Suga, Kaisei Higashimatsu, the fastest left-handed pitcher from Kyoei, who clocks in at an impressive 152 km/h, and Yoto Sakai’s right-handed pitcher Hajime Takigawa, who showcases a blazing 149 km/h. Furthermore, outfielder Wataru Otsuka from Tokai Sapporo University and Kyosuke Amano from Aisan Carpenter have also thrown their hats into the ring, bringing the total number of pitchers to six.

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Yoto Sakai also presented Takigawa Hajime’s fastest 149 km right arm

On the 7th, Japan’s Takanoren updated the list of players who submitted a professional application form posted on the official website, and added 6 players including Kyoshiro Sakura, an outfielder with Kyushu International University.

[Tabl]List of candidates who submitted a professional application form

Sakura has a total of 31 home runs in high school, and has been called the “high school BIG 3” along with Hanamaki Higashi outfielder Rintaro Sasaki and Koryo Kei Manabe infielder. In Koshien this summer, he lost to Tsuchiura Nihon University (Ibaraki) in the first game, and himself had 1 hit in 4 at bats.

In addition, Eimei’s pitcher Hiroto Suga who participated in Koshien this summer, Kyoei’s fastest left-handed pitcher Kaisei Higashimatsu 152 km/h, Yoto Sakai’s 149 km right-handed pitcher Hajime Takigawa, outfielder Wataru Otsuka of Tokai Sapporo University . , A. a total of six pitchers, Kyosuke Amano of Aisan carpenter, have submitted their applications.

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