The Role of Nutritional Liquids in Relieving Fatigue and Enhancing Physical Strength

Title: Overcoming Fatigue and Boosting Performance: The Role of Nutritional Fluids

Modern Solutions for Modern Fatigue

Living in a fast-paced world, where daily routines often involve long commutes and monotonous tasks, can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. Fatigue accumulates steadily over time due to hectic work schedules and overtime, making it challenging to find relief during a short weekend break.

Building Resilience

While regular exercise and proper nutrition can help develop our physical strength, it may not suffice to recover quickly from accumulated fatigue. Low energy levels can hinder our exercise performance, exacerbating feelings of helplessness and stress. Some individuals even experience malnutrition due to a lack of appetite.

The Mental Impact of Physical Exhaustion

In addition to physical tiredness, persistent fatigue can also lead to mental challenges such as helplessness, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways to reduce stress, enhance our immune system, alleviate fatigue, and increase overall physical vitality.

Nutritional Fluids: An Effective Fatigue Relief

If fatigue persists despite our best efforts, incorporating nutritional fluids into our routine can offer respite. These fluids contain a rich blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, and proteins necessary for accelerated healing and fatigue relief. Their concentrated formula ensures faster absorption and effectiveness.

Note: Director Hyerin Lee, an authority in anesthesiology and pain medicine at Yonsei Dael’s Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, emphasized that exercise becomes less effective as fatigue intensifies. Injuries may worsen, and recovery may be delayed. Therefore, the body requires diverse nutrients to boost immunity, reduce fatigue, and alleviate pain. Nutritional fluids prove to be an efficient solution in these cases.

Immediate Absorption, Lasting Benefits

Unlike regular nutritional supplements, which go through the digestion process and need consistent consumption over an extended period, nutritional fluids are injected directly into the body for rapid absorption. This fast-tracked absorption helps combat fatigue and improve overall immunity.

Caution: Individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes should consult medical professionals to determine the compatibility of specific liquid components within the nutritional fluids. Customizing the prescription based on an individual’s symptoms and medical history is crucial.

Expert Advice for Optimal Fatigue Relief

According to Dr. Joo-young Yoo, an internal medicine specialist in anesthesiology and pain medicine at Yonsei Dael, those experiencing persistent fatigue should focus on regular exercise and engage in hobbies to alleviate stress. If recovery remains challenging, seeking assistance from nutritional fluids may be beneficial. However, it is vital to consult professionals who can personalize the prescription according to each individual’s specific needs and conditions.


Overcoming fatigue and maintaining peak performance in today’s demanding lifestyle can seem like an uphill battle. However, through a combination of holistic approaches, including exercise, stress reduction, and nutritional fluid therapy, we can restore our energy levels, enhance our immune system, and reclaim our vitality.

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[메디컬투데이=김준수 기자] Modern people who live repetitive daily lives, driving for long hours or commuting in crowded subways every day, tend to accumulate fatigue and experience physical deterioration. Fatigue builds up day by day due to the accumulation of busy work and overtime, and it is difficult to relieve it with just a short two-day weekend break.

To develop basic physical strength, you exercise regularly and take nutritional supplements every day, but it is difficult to recover quickly as the fatigue has accumulated over a long period of time. Because your physical strength is low, you will tire quickly even if you exercise. As these things increase, feelings of helplessness worsen and stress builds up, making it difficult to concentrate on work In some cases, people complain of malnutrition because they have no appetite and cannot eat’ ok

If you lack stamina and are physically tired, it becomes mentally difficult as well. People complain of helplessness, depression and anxiety. Accordingly, it is necessary to relieve stress, increase the body’s immunity, relieve fatigue, and increase physical strength.

If you can’t recover from fatigue even with a regular routine, you can try to relieve it by taking nutritional fluids. Nutrient solution, which contains various nutrients that speed up wound recovery and help relieve body fatigue, is concentrated in ingredients that our body needs, such as vitamins and proteins, so faster healing effects can be expected.

▲ Photo from left: Director Joo-young Yoo and Director Hye-rin Lee (Photo = Provided by Yonsei Dael Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine)
Hyerin Lee, director of Yonsei Dael’s Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (a specialist in anesthesiology and pain medicine), said, “When fatigue increases in the body, exercise is not effective, and when an injury occurs, the pain worsens and recovery is coming. difficult “In order to improve immunity and reduce physical fatigue and various pains, a supply of various nutrients is needed, and nutritional fluids are a way to quickly help in these areas,” he explained.

Unlike the nutritional supplements you normally take, nutritional liquids are injections that are injected directly into the body, so they help with rapid absorption. Nutrients are broken down after ingestion, some are digested and excreted, and the rest are absorbed, so they must be consumed consistently over a long period of time. In contrast, a nutrient solution is injected directly into the body, so it can be absorbed immediately. This can help you recover from fatigue and improve immunity.

However, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes may need to avoid some of the liquid components, so they should first consult with medical staff before receiving nutritional liquids with an appropriate mixture. You need to be careful because the types and mixing ratios that suit your body condition are different.

Joo-young Yoo (internal medicine specialist) Yonsei Dael Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and Internal Medicine said, “If fatigue persists in the body, relieve it by exercising regularly and participating in your own hobbies to relieve stress. If recovery is difficult, help with nutritional fluids. You can receive However, he explained, “Instead of receiving intravenous fluids indiscriminately, the prescription should be tailored to each individual’s symptoms or disease, so the decision must be made through adequate consultation with professional medical staff.”

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