The roster of the PUBG Mobile national team, Hangzhou Asian Games, has been confirmed

Krafton Co, Ltd (CEO Kim Chang-han) announced on the 9th that the final list of the Korean national team to participate in the Battleground mobile event of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games has been confirmed.

The final list announced by the Korea eSports Association is ▲’Binnie’ Kwon Sun-bin (Duksan E-Sports) ▲’TG’ Dong-hyeon (Nongshim Red Force) ▲’Sporta’ Seong-hyeon (Nongshim Red Force) ▲’Fabian’ Sang-cheol (Dplus Kia) ) ▲ There are a total of 5 members including Choi Young-jae (Two Jets) from ‘CJ’.

The national team list was finalized after an official 10-day objection period to the list of candidates sent out and selected by the National Team Performance Improvement Committee in May. The list of candidates to be sent was selected after comprehensively reviewing the indicators of the three-day closed online evaluation held in the Asian Games version of Battleground Mobile and the results of various recent competitions.

In Season 1 of the 2023 Battleground Mobile Pro Series (PMPS) that ended last April, Kwon “Binny” Soon-bin took the order for his team, Deoksan Esports, and led the tournament to victory.

‘TG’ Dong-hyeon Kim has been outstanding since last year and won the MVP of the tournament twice, and he plays an active role as a key striker for his team with his unchanged skills this year.

‘Sporta’ Seong-hyeon Kim, based on his excellent physical skills, won two championship trophies with DS Gaming in PMPS 2022 last year, and transferred to Nongshim Red Force this year to serve as the captain.

Park “Fabian” Sang-cheol is a former player with a lot of experience. Last year, in PMPS 2022, he achieved the feat of winning 4 crowns as the oldest brother and captain of the team.

Choi “Seajae” Yeong-jae participated in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, the main global competition last year, and showed an outstanding performance.

The national team will be led by head coach Yoon Sang-hoon. Director Yoon, who made his debut as a player in 2019, turned to coach in 2020, and has since led a total of three PMPS championships with DS Gaming. Recognized for his leadership, he was appointed manager of Nongshim Red Force last year and leads the team.

Meanwhile, the Korean Battleground Mobile national team will participate in the ‘Road to the 2022 Asian Games’, an official pre-competition held before the Hangzhou Asian Games. A total of 44 countries are participating in this competition, and each country’s Asian Games group assignment is determined by performance. The PUBG Mobile event will be played offline in Macau, China, and will be broadcast on PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube channel, PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube channel and official TikTok from the 23rd to the 26th.

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