The Royal Academy has knocked! Metaverse defines Thai language as “The universe”

The Royal Institute of the Royal Thai Embassy Metaverse in Thai language that “The Creative Universe” is transliterated as “Metaverse”.

Today (December 3), the Office of the Royal Thai Academy revealed that the committee for creating a dictionary of contemporary communication languages Office of the Royal Thai Council passed a resolution on Dec. 2, coining the term Metaverse in Thai language that “The universe” which can be transliterated as “Metaverse”

In October last year, Mark Zuckerberg Announcing a new company name instead of Facebook, Meta that will reflect all of the company’s products more than ever. Cultivated in the Metaverse project. that will be the connection between the virtual world and the real world

Metaverse is a collaboration between VR or Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) and AR or Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality) to become a virtual world. with high-speed internet, which is currently equipped with 5G, is the medium between the real world and the virtual world.



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