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The Royal Gazette announces tight controls in 18 provinces, unlocking a wedding, ordination, and funeral.

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The official website of the Royal Gazette announces the requirements of the 20th edition, controls the 18 provinces, returns to organize the ceremony according to the traditional wedding, funeral, ordination, but must have preventive measures. From the original prohibition altogether

On April 16, 2021, the Government Gazette website announced the requirements issued under Section 9 of the Emergency Decree (Royal Decree) Public Administration in Emergency Situations 2005 (No. 20) in order to further the enforcement of control measures. Epidemic of COVID-19 An integrated, urgently needed Including adjusting the level of the situation in the provinces where the outbreak was detected is the highest control area (red), totaling 18 provinces and controlled areas, 59 provinces, numbered 9 items as follows:

Clause 1 Prohibition of conducting or organizing activities or events that are at risk of transmission (1) The use of buildings or facilities of all types of schools and educational institutions is prohibited to organize any teaching, exam, training or activity. Where there is a large number of people who participate in the activities, it is at risk of transmission of the disease Except for independent use under the communicable disease law Or to use as a place to provide assistance Or use of the facility in accordance with the exceptions set forth in Article 1 of the Terms (No. 16) dated January 3, 2021.

(2) It is prohibited to organize activities in which groups of more than 50 persons collectively, unless authorized by the official, or activities conducted by a competent official or organizing activities in an area designated as a quarantine facility. Take action according to the preventive measures prescribed by the government. Which the governor of Bangkok Or the governor With the advice of the Communicable Disease Committee, as the case may be, set the criteria for consideration for permission of the competent official to be suitable for the conditions of the activity area and the situation in each area of ​​responsibility

Clause 2 Closing of service places or places at risk of spreading disease throughout the Kingdom The Governor of Bangkok or the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee shall order the closure of a service place. Establishments that look like service establishments, entertainment venues, pubs, karaoke bars, bathing establishments Establishment of a massage parlor or other similar place By ordering the said location temporarily closed for at least 14 days

Clause 3 Determination of the Situation Area Determine the situational zone for the implementation of integrated control measures. Classified by areas as follows: (1) the maximum control area (red) 18 provinces, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Samut Prakan, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Samut Sakhon, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom, Phuket, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nonthaburi, Songkhla, Tak, Udon Thani, Suphanburi, Sa Kaeo, Rayong and Khon Kaen, and level 2, controlled areas (orange), 59 provinces that Left

Article 4 Integrated control measures classified by area and situation Urgently needed control measures For places, businesses or activities in order to be able to operate under the conditions, time, organization and regulations As well as measures to prevent disease that the government prescribes For a period of at least 14 days

(1) Maximum control area A. Food and beverages may be consumed in the store no later than 21.00 and can be sold until 11.00 pm in the manner of consumption elsewhere.

B. Consumption of liquor or alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the store.

C. Department stores, shopping centers, community malls can be opened until 9:00 p.m. By limiting service users and not organizing promotional activities. No service for game machines, consoles, game shops and amusement parks

D. Convenience Store Super Market Night Market, Night Market, Walking Street Market, open no later than 11.00 p.m. For stores that are open 24 hours, open at 4 a.m.

5. Sports stadium, gym, fitness can be opened no later than 21.00 hrs. Organize competitions by limiting the audience in the field.

(2) control area

A) sells food and beverages and can be consumed in the shop no later than 23.00

B. Do not consume liquor or alcoholic beverages in the store.

C. Department store, community mall shopping center, open until 21.00, limited number of users No promotional activities No game machines, consoles, game shops and amusement parks are not available.

Clause 5 asks for cooperation for the public to suspend or delay their travel during this period unnecessarily. In particular, the principle of avoiding travel into the most controlled areas of the 18 provinces

Clause 6 asks for cooperation to postpone or refrain from organizing party activities. A party or carnival during this time Unless it is a traditional ceremony and there are adequate preventive measures to reduce the risk of infection.

This is an addition to the ability to organize a traditional event such as a wedding, funeral, ordination from the original prohibition altogether.

Clause 7 Request for cooperation of private business owners working outside the office and alternating working days

Clause 8 Provide facilities for urgently use as a place for support, maintenance and isolation, quarantine of infected people or those suspected of being believed. By requesting cooperation for educational institutions, universities, hotels, auditoriums, private venues

Clause 9, the Prof. CCP, to consider and assess the situation To modify the level of the area, the situation and the control measures integrated. Including practices according to the situation area as appropriate and in accordance with the situation and propose to the Prime Minister for approval.

The BMA governor or the provincial governor may order the closure, limit or prohibit the operations of the area, place or vehicle, or order to refrain from engaging in activities that may cause disease outbreaks.

Effective from April 18, 2021 onwards.

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