The Royal Thai Embassy in Warsaw updated the assistance of Thai people in Ukraine

The Royal Thai Embassy in Warsaw posted a statement on helping Thai people in Ukraine in emergency situations – war. All Thai people are still safe. Ready to reveal plans to bring Thai people out of Ukraine

Today (February 27) the page “Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Warsaw, Poland” has posted an update on helping Thai people in Ukraine in emergency/war situations (February 26, 2022 at 11:00 PM). n.) as follows:

1. At present, 47 Thai people have come to stay at the Thai Help Center in Ukraine, Lviv, and 43 Thai people are traveling from different cities. to Lviv

2. The Royal Thai Embassy have followed up and inquired about the well-being of Thai people in various cities know that all Thai people are still safe No one was hurt or hurt. There are still about a hundred Thai people who still have to stay in the city of residence and cannot leave because of the lockdown or the situation is unsafe, such as Mikkola Eve (there are 7 Thais) ) Kharkiv, which is on the border with Russia (12 Thais), etc. However, out of the 148 Thais living in Kiev, 102 of the 148 Thais have already left (43 stayed at the operation center). people), with approximately 40 Thai nationals married to Ukrainians and children who expressed their intention to stay with the family. (Husband cannot travel outside Ukraine)

3. The plans for bringing Thai people out of Ukraine at present are as follows:
3.1 Sunday 27 Feb 2022 took 41 Thai people from Odessa to travel to the Ukrainian-Romanian border crossing by rental bus. The embassy in Bucharest will then take over by bringing a group of Thai people to travel by rented buses to Bucharest. Romania to prepare to travel back to Thailand by commercial plane on 1 and 2 March 2022

3.2 Sunday, February 27, 2022, bring 43 Thai people who stay at the practice center. The city of Lviv traveled by chartered bus to Warsaw. Poland And on Monday, February 28, 2022 arranged a rental bus to pick up the 2nd set of Thai people from the practice center. Lviv to come to Warsaw and wait for the journey back to Thailand by commercial plane (around 1-4 March 2022) next

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