The Royal Thai Navy mourned after Colonel Sergeant was drunk at the airport. appoint a committee to investigate and punish

Royal Thai Navy mourns after ‘Colonel Sergeant’ got drunk at the airport. disciplinary investigation

On January 27, 2022, Lt. Gen. Karnakorn Monthatpalin, spokesman navy Addressing the case of a clip of a man behaving and talking inappropriate And causing panic to the security officers at Hat Yai Airport, Songkhla Province, a clip is spread online. From the examination found that The man was a civil servant of the Navy. rank of sergeant major navy My condolences to the incident

by such action It is an inappropriate act. in which the supervisor of the agency An incident has been reported. and was summoned to report to the agency at the first opportunity Including setting up a committee to investigate the facts for further disciplinary action.

The Navy would like to apologize to Hat Yai Airport and all airport security personnel who are deployed in the Navy. commit inappropriate behavior and showing inappropriate behavior past the naval commander

has always emphasized the strength in conducting oneself and in order to be in the discipline of the people Therefore, please trust the Navy to punish the offending civil servants in order not to continue to set a bad example.



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