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The Royal Thai Police prepares to raise the level “Thai Motorsport” to lead the world automotive trend

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The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King“Respond to state policy Accelerate the leveling machine”Thai motorsport“Get Policy”Sport tourismof the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Ready to connect to the automotive industry Most recently, it is preparing to organize a rally race and a smooth marathon for the end of the 4th quarter of the year 2021.

Pruitthirat Rattanakul SereeruengritChairman of the Automotive Sports Committee The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage (RAAT) or RAAT Revealed the policy and direction of operation that the association has set a framework for development. The potential of motorsports in Thailand towards sustainability in line with the policy”Sport tourismof the Ministry of Tourism and Sports In many dimensions, because racing sports, in addition to being another activity that can create charm and income With the high tourism of Thailand, there is also a connection to the automotive industry as well. especially the fact that Thailand is another important production base in the world today.

Mr. Pruitthirat It goes on to say that for the initial work plan, it is to accelerate the development of personnel involved in automotive sports such as racers, racing teams and Thai judges to become professional, especially in creating competitions. The car is a professional sport because in the past there has been no serious push for it. As the management at this point

One thing that is important is this. Starting from the setting of criteria such as Competition rules, athletes including those involved in the whole system Organization of competitions that must be professional. Drivers and teams need to be professional as well. This might be like counting one over again, but it will have a positive effect on the overall picture of motorsport in the future. Some racers do not know how to become a professional sport or how they are promoted because there has not been a clear communication from the relevant authorities to the wider public.

There will only be groups that know this policy, so we try to do our best and develop this sport to a more standardized human resource development as well. And when it all grows together it will become sustainable in the future. A group of people with money that we can seriously develop and make it into a professional sport.

Basically, there must be a distance and a format that follows the rules of lieutenant colonel By organizing a total of 3 times, starting the first field on 23-24 October this year at Bo Ploy District, Kanchanaburi Province, the 2nd field on 27-28 November at Ratchaburi and finishing the last field on 18-19 December. .Chachoengsao

Divide the competition into 3 models include 1.Rally Category 1: Super 2WD ( Super 1600 ,Super 1500, Super 1300 ) , 2.Rally Category 2: Super 4WD, Super 2000 2WD and the 3rd generation Classic Car Class 1/2/3.

in addition the associationprepared to organize a competition RAAT Thailand Endurance Championship International 2021 motor vehicle program To support motor sports in Thailand To be more widespread as well at Bira International Circuit The first field will be held on November 19-20, and the second field will be held on December 10-11. The third field will be held on December 12. The competition is divided into 5 main categories, consisting of 1 Eco (Overall). ) , 2 Compact : 1200 Turbo, 1500-1600 cc, 3 Touring Car: 1500-1600 cc Turbo,2000 cc, 4 Toyota One Make Race and 5 Toyota Vios One Make Race Lady

The Royal Thai Police prepares to raise the level


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