The ruling governor of the Hit and Run is nicknamed “Korean Trump”. Conspicuous hard-line remarks against Japan (1/2 page) –zakzak: Yukan Fuji official website

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The ruling governor of the run-up declaration is nicknamed “Korean Trump”.
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[Seoul = Norio Sakurai]Governor Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea, the governor of Gyeonggi-do, officially announced on the 1st that he will run for the presidential election in March next year. Lee is a non-mainstream sect who keeps a distance from President Moon Jae-in in the party, but he is in the lead with the approval rating of the other eight who ran for the party’s primary. A fierce debate by nine people, including Mr. Lee, has begun in preparation for the election of the ruling party candidate in September this year.

In the video, Lee emphasized, “Fill in the shortages and correct mistakes,” based on the innovation administration since former President Kim Dae-Jung. He declared that he would aim for “politics that suppresses the desires of the strong and supports the lives of the weak.” It has a pledge of a “basic income” system that guarantees a minimum income to all citizens.

Regarding foreign and security policy, he said, “We will pave the way for peaceful coexistence through well-balanced diplomacy centered on national interests, based on our strong independent defense capabilities.”

Lee grew up in a poor family, and after graduating from elementary school, he struggled while working and became a lawyer. The remarks made by former US President Donald Trump who don’t wear clothes on his teeth became a hot topic, and he was also called “Korean Trump.”

He is also known for his hard-line remarks to Japan. In March, when South Korea illegally occupied Takeshima (Okinoshima Town, Shimane Prefecture), it was described as “Japanese territory” in Japanese textbooks, but “Japan distorted history and invited isolation. If it does, it will soon fall into a country that is underdeveloped. “


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