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Global Eco The Saem has released ‘Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer’ which contains three colors subdivided to suit different skin blemishes.

Picture : Y Saem, ‘Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer’

Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer is a multi-play pot concealer that completes a high-quality foundation makeup with one product that can cover blemishes as well as correct and contour.

It is characterized by a semi-matte texture that gently melts at the temperature of your finger and adheres thinly and smoothly, keeping it clean for a long time.

There are two colours, ’01 Correct Beige’, which provides coverage and correction at the same time, and ’02 Contour Beige’, which provides coverage and contouring at the same time, so you can choose according to your skin concerns.

Perfection Triple Pot Concealer Cover 01 True Beige Price and volume: KRW 12,000 / 4.5g*3
Cover Perfection Triple Pot Concealer 02 Contour Beige Price and capacity: KRW 12,000 / 4.5g*2+4.1g

Reporter Hyunseon Hwang

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