The same place, the same chair; Bhavana shares a photo that mimics manju’s warrior photo goes viral

The pictures shared by Bhavana with the caption, “Copying Manju Warrier Same Place, Same Chair” are attracting attention.

Actors Manju Warrier and Bhavana are close friends in Malayalam cinema. They stand by each other as support and shade in the joys and sorrows of life. Fans also take the photos they share that are active on social media. Manju Warrier recently shared a picture of herself sitting on a chair and taking a mirror selfie. Manju also shared another picture from the same place on the same day. But now a very interesting thing is drowning the social media.

Actress Bhavana also shared a similar picture. Bhavana shared the pictures with the caption, “Copying Manju Warrier Same Place, Same Chair”. Manju Warrier has shared Bhavana’s photo on her Instagram story. Bhavana had said that Manju was like her own sister. There are many fan comments under the picture of the younger sister trying to imitate her sister.

Bhavana is returning to the world of Malayalam films after a gap. Bhavna’s new film is ‘Nrikakkakuru Premandarn’ directed by Adil Maimoonath Ashraf. The film’s song was released yesterday. Manju’s upcoming film is the Tamil film Thuniv opposite Ajith.

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