The sand is boiling! Shacheng aggravates victims of sexual harassment. Fire you are not human


The sand is boiling! Shacheng aggravates victims of sexual harassment. Fire you are not human Point no matter how you dress Not equal to allowing pornography

From the case on November 21, there was a gathering of dinosaurs of the group. “Bad student” At the area under the Siam Station, a woman appeared Come together to demand safety in educational institutions. By wearing a school uniform and raising a banner “I was obscene by my teacher. The school is not a safe place, ”said the woman, saying that it happened to herself five years ago, the incident also affected her state of mind. Causing psychiatric conditions

It was received by a large number of sympathies and understood what the woman wanted to convey. But at the same time, there are still sources of opinion, blaming their own compromises. And use words that are sexually harassing This group also brought personal information to disclose that The woman was not a student, but was already 21 and a model. Also, photos with a cosplay costume and a model attack that the dress was sexually assaulted.

On November 22, Sai Charoenpura or Inthira Charoenpura The actress has expressed his support for the Democratic rally. Has posted a photo of a woman holding a sign The case states, “Don’t Tell Me How To Dress. Take a good look at this picture, look carefully at the poses of the woman in the picture. This girl is someone who just came out to the mob today holding a sign saying she was sexually abused by a “teacher” in high school. And it happened in school “

“If you are human enough that you view other people as human beings. You will know that no one deserves to be indecent. You know we all have our own right to our bodies. No matter what style he or she dresses. No matter how much sexually he or she shows. You will be well aware of any form of sexual expression or dress. This is not equal to allowing him or her to be indecent. You will look at this picture and find that Victims of sexual harassment are not subject to impairment. He or she is still human just like all human beings. Especially you in the picture It takes courage enough to overcome a culture of blaming the victim. And learn to appreciate your own body again. “

sand Also stated that if you are not human enough that it is likely to diminish the humanity of others. You look at this picture and feel The victim’s words were meaningless. You will also trample a sexually harassed victim by looking for his or her mistakes. You are often asked how the victim was dressed. Give someone a pose or not You always think that dressing or expressing sex is the cause of the act of pornography. You tend to discriminate victims as impure. You like to ignore that the perpetrator is the one to blame. You are encouraging the perpetrator and society not to learn to resist. You became the one who raped her again thoughtfully.

“Look at this picture again. So you see her as the hero of her own story. Or you see her as a worthy victim. If that’s the first thing, congratulations, you’re still human. But if it was the latter, sorry. Mother is not human. You are sick .. disgusting. And disgusting .. “


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