The Science and Technology Park refuses to renew the lease, and the recycling chain is broken The only paper bag recycling factory in Hong Kong is Linjue Road. The Department of Environmental Protection said that 3 short-term rentals will be be tendered

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“Mil Mill”, the only paper drink box recycling factory in Hong Kong, has only been operating for 3 years. The lease of its factory in Yuen Long Industrial Estate will expire at the end of the year. This means that the paper – packed drinks boxes can only be disposed of in landfill in the future. The person in charge of the recycling machine company expects the authorities to allow a grace period of 3 years to find a place to replace it, and he also revealed that the Singaporean government has invited him to set up a factory there. The Science and Technology Park said it would give more grace as needed; while the Environmental Protection Agency, which was initially unaware of the incident, said yesterday that it had contacted the person in charge of Miaofang to understand and provide assistance, and also drew attention to the fact. that three similar short-term lease sites will be open to tender, but the recycling Another favorite site has been used for other projects.



Huang Jinxing Meow MillMill SquareHuang Jinxing Meow MillMill Square

Huang Jinxing Meow MillMill Square

Miaofang is currently established in the Yuen Long Industrial Estate managed by the Science and Technology Park. The lease is from January 2019 to December 2021, and the lease was renewed for one year last year. The investment of the plant is about 10 million yuan, and the construction cost accounts for 7 million yuan. After removing the pre-construction work, the factory has been in operation since October 2019, and only for about 3 he was in action. years. However, “Mil Mill” recently received notice that its development strategy was not in line, and that the lease would not be renewed The lease will expire at the end of the year.

The Miaofang factory can process up to about 50 tons of paper-packaged drink boxes per day to make recycled pulp; the daily recycling volume has increased from only around 1 tonne at the beginning to 3 tonnes of paper-packaged drink boxes and 10 tonnes of miscellaneous paper per day. The founder, Ye Wenqi, said that he would not give up the campaign. He hoped that the Science and Technology Park and the Department of Environmental Protection could provide assistance. He hoped that the authorities would allowing a grace period of three years to help find another location to relocate the factory. He initially learned that the South China Food Waste Factory had closed down in the Eco-Park, and hoped it could be rented and replaced. He also said that the government is not required to subsidize it directly, but at least it should cooperate with the policy, otherwise it will not be able to attract other investors to operate the recycling industry.

Ye Wenqi also revealed that the Singapore government has invited him to set up a local factory to assist the development of the local recycling industry and help them find factories.





Tech park says 3 industrial villages have been relocated

The Science and Technology Park replied that the short-term lease signed with Confidential Information Processing Co, Ltd (SSID, Miaofang’s parent company) in 2019 has expired. After communication, last year a special arrangement was made to renew the contract for one year. The park will continue to negotiate with the SSID about the time to move out, and will allow a grace period as needed. The park side also highlighted, last year, that it had relocated three industrial villages as innovation parks, and is committed to promoting the development of “re-industrialisation”; it will carefully plan the land for innovation parks in accordance with relevant principles, and has established policies and approval procedures, which require leaseholders to follow the terms of the lease. The DPC said in an answer to the media earlier that it had no information about the incident. Yesterday, he said he had contacted the person in charge of Miaofang to understand and was providing appropriate support on the incident, including contacting the Park Corporation’s Science and Technology. The department also pointed out that three similar short-term lease sites will be open to tender, suitable for the operation of various recycling businesses, including waste paper recycling; this year, the environmental protection park site lease was also approved to build pulp. production facility, which is expected to start operating in 2025. As for Miaofang’s mention of the former factory building of the South China Food Waste Factory, the department said it had been used for other projects and work had already begun.

Green in the MilMill areaGreen in the MilMill area

Green in the MilMill area

Huantuan Zhimiaofang suspends operation to recover “broken cable”

Hanwei, director general of Green Collar Action, pointed out that paper drink box recycling has been developing overseas for a long time, but Hong Kong only has one recycling plant. He is worried that once the Miaofang operation comes to ben, Hong Kong will lose its only recycling channel, which will seriously affect the local recycling market and process. He analyzed that it is not easy to participate in the environmental protection industry in Hong Kong This incident shows that the Hong Kong government is much less enthusiastic than other countries in terms of land support and enthusiasm for the environmental protection industry. He urged the government to strengthen support for the industry, such as building an environmental protection park and providing land and related facilities to accompany the waste levy and producer responsibility.

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