The Scottish Council recognizes Hamza Yousaf as the first Muslim Prime Minister.

On Tuesday 28 March 2023, the Scottish Parliament voted to confirm Mr Hamza Yousaf as First Minister of Scotland. Replaces Nicola Sturgeon, who previously announced her resignation. making him the youngest leader of a developed country and he was the first Muslim to lead a national government in Western Europe.

Mr Yousaf, now 37, won the leadership of the Scottish National Party (SNP) on Monday. He promised to rekindle the movement to separate Scotland from the United Kingdom. After being in a state of stagnation for a long time

Mr Yousaf then won a majority certifying him as Scotland’s new first minister on Tuesday afternoon. Before officially taking the oath on Wednesday

Mr. said Yousaf before the approval vote that He admits that he has a lot to do to get to where former Prime Minister Sturgeon did. But he promised that he will make sure Scotland will have a positive and progressive voice on the world stage.

“I will stand up for this parliament and fight any attempt. That would undermine devolution,” said Yousaf. Refers to UK government reform. who gave Scotland an overview of its own domestic policy in 1999. “I will work every hour, every day, to bring out the potential of Scotland and all its people.”