The SEC ordered the annulment of Pawiraya Kuekham, allegations of fraud and total damage of 10,932,178.68 baht >>SEC There is an order to revoke the approval of the investment adviser, Ms. Pawiraya Kuekham (former name Ms. Ratta Kuekham) (Ms. Pawiraya) for 10 years in case of behavior that is in a disloyal manner towards the property of the investor. and not sending life insurance premiums in the amount of 215,000 baht while committing a crime under the Bangkok Life Insurance company The company has reimbursed customers in the amount of 10,717,178.68 baht, the total damage 10,932,178.68 baht

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has received audit reports from the company. Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited and further investigation found that in 2014 – 2018, Ms Pawiraya had inappropriate behavior as follows: (1) As an investment adviser, she received money from two investors for the purchase of mutual funds, but did not make a purchase transaction in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Take some of the money for personal use and adjust the fund purchase amount in the fund book to match the amount of money the client wishes to invest. Create investor signatures in order to sell investment units multiple times. When the profit from the sale of the fund is transferred to the investor’s account Ms. Paveeraya will inform that it is a return on investment and guide investors to raise money. Along with applying to share some of the money, claiming it will be further invested but he went back to buying shares on his own behalf. The company has reimbursed customers in the amount of 10,717,178.68 baht and (2) as a life insurance agent has dishonest behavior by accepting life insurance premiums from another customer in the amount of 215,000 baht, but not sending them to the company

The SEC considered that Ms Pawiraya, as an investment adviser, failed to carry out her duties with integrity in accordance with the Capital Market Supervisory Board’s announcement. by misconduct against the property of investors and, as a life insurance agent, engaged in misconduct which could significantly affect the credibility of being personnel in the capital market business. which is a prohibited characteristic of capital market personnel Pawiraya will continue to be personnel in the capital market business for 10 years from December 7, 2022 ***

In determining the above period, the SEC has taken into account the following factors: the roles, participation and conduct of the person concerned. The punishment that person has already received Damage Effects or benefits that occur. corrections or other actions that benefit or impede the operation of the SEC, and any other past history or behaviors that indicate impropriety to be personnel in the capital market business.

The SEC urges investors to exercise caution when investing. It often stems from investors trusting investment advisors and neglecting to check their own transactions and investment balances. and he should transfer the money for buying investment units to the business operator’s account instead of giving money to the investment adviser to proceed instead to prevent possible damage And if you have any doubts, you should contact the service company. or inquire at the “SEC Public Service Center” Telephone 1207 or the “SEC Office” Facebook page or SEC Live Chat on the SEC website

* According to Clause 31(1) and Clause 31(3) of the Notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board Number Thor Thor 8/2557 Re: Personnel Rules in Capital Market Business dated 3 June 2014 as amended by the Capital Market Supervisory Board Notice No. ThorLhor 48/2560 Re: Rules on Personnel in Capital Market Business (No. 7) dated 30 August 2017.
** Complex investment adviser type 1 means an investment adviser who advises investors on all types of simple capital market products and high risk or complex capital market products, for example: investment units of mutual funds offered to institutional investors or high net worth investors Investment units of mutual funds that invest in futures contracts. Structured debenture equity bonds and futures contracts
*** means that if Ms. Pawiraya submits an application for approval to be personnel in the capital market business During the 10-year period from December 7, 2022, the SEC will not consider Ms. Pawiraya’s application.

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