The SEC reveals the total number of IPOs in 64, breaking a four-year record, jumping to 41 securities.

Securities Registration Department 3, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published an article titled “The SEC reveals the highest number of IPOs in 64 years, the highest in 4 years, and promotes the capital market to support mobilization. “With the current coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) situation, people have more opportunities to access vaccines and many businesses have begun to resume normal operations. reflect the economic situation including the Thai capital market that has a tendency to recover This is evident from the increase in the number of companies raising capital through initial public offerings (IPOs) and companies filing applications for IPOs in the past year.

In 2021, 41 IPOs were issued by companies, the highest number in four years, and a 52% increase compared with 27 IPOs in 2020, including companies submitting IPO applications to the bureau. The SEC in 2021 also found an increase in the number of 45 companies (as of 27 Dec. 21) compared to 39 companies in 2020, demonstrating the readiness of the SEC. Invest with excess liquidity ready to invest It also shows the operator’s positive outlook on the Thai economy and capital market. It is also a sign that operators can rely on the capital market as a source of funds to increase liquidity and strength of their business. to prepare for sustainable growth in the future

However, if considering the IPO value of 2021, as high as 130 billion baht, which is the highest among ASEAN countries, second only to Indonesia. In addition, there are 23 other securities in the process of consideration. request for permission or has been authorized but has not yet offered an IPO

Yo, when looking at the details of companies offering IPOs in 2021 by industry group, it was found that The top three industries with the highest fundraising value were Resources (3 firms, total IPO value 42.6%), Finance (3 firms, 29.1%), and Real Estate and Construction (11 counts). companies, 12.3%), respectively. During the past year, although still in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak situation But the situation became more relaxed. including government economic stimulus measures As a result, many companies look to the recovery of long-term demand in the future, such as demand, demand.

On the other hand, the energy sector is expected to increase from the return of economic activity and the increase in transport and travel. and when there are signs of economic recovery Spending and credit expansion will also grow.

In addition, the situation of COVID-19 It also results in changes in consumer behavior such as housing demand. in the rising Because during the outbreak of the disease Residents spend more time per day on average at home. From the trend of working from home, flat-bed houses such as detached houses or townhomes can respond to the needs of residents more.

From the above information reflects that Thailand’s capital market is an efficient and outstanding form of fundraising in the eyes of investors, and the SEC is committed to developing capital markets that are accessible to all sectors. To increase the competitiveness of the business sector for sustainable growth


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