The second negotiation broke down in 40 minutes… There is no ‘negotiation’ even before sitting down

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Despite the worsening situation, the second round of negotiations between the government and the cargo unions this afternoon ended in 40 minutes.

The government, which predicted a breakdown even before sitting at the negotiating table that there will be no talks unless it returns first, raised the level of pressure, saying that if the strike is not resolved after the talks break down, the safe fare system may be abolished altogether.

This is reporter Park Jin-jun.

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At 2:00 pm, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the working level staff of the Cargo Solidarity sat down at the negotiating table.

It took less than an hour to get up again.

[구헌상/국토교통부 물류정책관]

“I emphasized once again after taking the government’s position on the safe fare system, and I asked them to get back to work as soon as possible.”

It was just a place to inform the government’s position.

The government’s firm stance is that there will be no negotiations without return.

This morning, the ministers of the relevant ministries have already to all intents and purposes declared a failure in the negotiations.

[원희룡/국토교통부 장관]

“There is no second round of negotiations. To be clear, we are not the parties to the negotiations between the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and Cargo Solidarity.”

While representatives from both sides sat face to face in the Sejong government building, Minister Won Hee-ryong visited the reconstruction site in Seoul.

At the site where the construction work ended, the damage caused by the refusal to transport cement was emphasized and pressure was put on the Cargo Solidarity.

Cement haulers, who were ordered to start work yesterday, took to the streets.

Withdrawal of the government’s business start-up order which violated fundamental rights, continued promotion of the safe price system and expansion of items

He protested that it was a matter of survival.

[오남준/화물연대 시멘트운반(BCT) 분과장]

“The Cargo Solidarity will resist even more strongly against the government, which only builds justification for suspension while driving a legitimate strike to illegal collective selfishness.”

The President’s Office also emphasized the law and the principles once again following yesterday, encouraging the Cargo Solidarity drivers to return to work.

Minister Won Hee-ryong stepped up the pressure at a press conference in the afternoon, saying that there was a question as to whether the safe fare system itself was a proper system, and that he might actually consider abolishing it.

The next round of negotiations has not been arranged.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions announced that it would go on a general strike on the 6th of next month in protest of the order to start work on cement transport drivers.

This is Park Jin-joon from MBC News.

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