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fourth game

On the 4th, due to the heavy rain, the match was postponed due to rain, and the match resumed at 18:27

The third game (as a dragon 0:4)

On the 3rd, Yue Donghua hit the pitch in center field, Yue Zhenghua struck out, Jiang Kunyu grounded a guerrilla to form a double play, the brothers applied for an auxiliary ruling, and the umpire still maintained the original ruling after checking .

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With 3 hits, Chen Pinjie hit second base in left field, Wu Dongrong sacrificed a hit, the runner hit third base, Liu Shihao hit center field, and the third base runner came back to score, like a dragon 0:4 , and Zhang Zhengyu is a pitcher rolling forward to form a double kill.

second game

On the 2nd, Chen Zihao made a surprise bunt to form an infield hit, Xu Jihong hit the base with a touch ball, Chen Wenjie left field fly ball out, Lin Shuyi hit out, Fu Laixi center field fly ball was out.

After 2 hits, 1 out,Ji Li Ji Lao. Gong Guan was hit by the ball, Li Kaiwei struck out, Lin Zhisheng hit second base in right field, and Gu Dewen was out in left field.

The first game (as a dragon 0:3)

1, the brothers hit the line three times three times.

After 1 hit and 2 outs, Li Kaiwei hits second base in left field, Lin Zhisheng strikes out, the runners split first and third bases, Gu Dewen hits second base in right field, there both runners come back to score, Xiang 0:2 Long, Chen Pinjie right field Hits, second base runners come back to score,Elephant 0:3 Long, Wu Dongrong hits through three walks, Liu Shihao walks four bad, Zhang Zhengyu first base basis out.

CITIC Brothers will make the first call:

1 Yue Zhenghua CF
2 Jiang Kunyu SS
3 Wang Weichen 3B
4 Chen Zihao DH
5 Xu Jihong 1B
6 Chen Wenjie LF
7 Lin Shuyi RF
8 Felicity C
9 Yue Donghua 2B

Starting pitcher: Wu Zheyuan

Wei Quanlong hit the first line:

1 Guo Tianxin CF
2 Ji Li Ji Lao. Gongguan DH
3 Li Kaiwei 2B
4 Lin Zhisheng 1B
5 Valley Devin LF
6 Chen Pinjie RF
7 Wu Dongrong 3B
8 Liu Shihao C
9 Zhang Zhengyu SS

Starting pitcher: Steel Dragon

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