The secret stars of Thailand’s entertainment industry in 2022

The secret stars of Thailand’s entertainment industry in 2022

2022 or the year of the fierce tiger as many people believe. And this year is considered another year that has many stories to follow, every month there will be a sad story. is the departure of people in the entertainment industry Birth, old age, illness and death are normal. But there are people who are difficult to accept, and today “May Entertainment” will take everyone to remember the entertainers who died in 2022.

9 January 2022, a shock to the country industry “Sornphet Sornsupha” He died peacefully at the age of 73 at Siriraj Hospital after receiving treatment for an illness for many months.

12 January ’22, the end of the legend of King Song Lae “Waiphot Petchsupha” died peacefully with symptoms of infection in the bloodstream After being in hospital for 2 months

January 14, 2022, former singer, Mor Lam heroine “May Wanthip” or real name “Pikul Laochampa” die by before death It is referred to as a treatment for the infection of COVID 19, the symptoms remain stable. have inflammatory pain

January 15, 2022, former main character “Michael Pupart” His life ended at his home in Bangkok. Former great hero of the 90s “Michel Chairoj Pupart”, known as “Michael Pupart”, died aged 52. The information stated that near the body was found 1 firearm, 1 wound to the head, no signs of fighting or looting in the room, the deceased had been suffering from depression for more than 2 years and had muscle weakness.

Feb 2, 2022 Comedian “Super Hakka Gate” or comedian Nong Kate”died of congenital disease with family holding religious ceremony in Sa Kaeo Province

14 Feb.’ 22 Singers and MCs “Bass Wee Patcharayakorn” he died in peace After the news was announced Many people are wondering whether “Bass Weir” is sick because of COVID-19 or not, because they both take andrographis paniculata. and symptoms of pneumonia After a close friend of “Bass Weir” revealed that young Bass had had an autoimmune illness for a long time. but the symptoms are not severe When he is ill, he often finds himself eating. but he suddenly found that he was a patient of pneumonia He recovered and died soon.

15 Feb. ’22 “Dang, the big daddy of the porridge council” Comedian, comedian, teacher generation “Mr Chatchai Jinda”, also known as “The Great Father of the Joke Council” or “Pee Daeng, the Joke Council” died of colon cancer at the age of 75.

20 Feb.’ 22 “Srettha Sirachaya” National Artist, host, actor, singer of Thailand He died of lung cancer aged 77.

February 25, 2022, actress “Watermelon Nida” or “Watermelon Phatthida” died of drowning at the age of 37 due to a boat accident in the middle of the Chao Phraya River. During the voyage, taking pictures around the Rama VII Bridge, he searched for days. But in the end, 40 hours of tortured people waiting to find the body of “watermelon” floating in the middle of the Chao Phraya River. near Pibulsongkram Pier 1 and it is a famous news that is of great interest to the people While the story of her death led to the “watermelon case”

10 March.’ 22 “Soraphong Chatri” Actor, legendary hero He died of lung cancer aged 73 after receiving treatment, but his symptoms did not improve. In the last moment “Duangduean Chithaisong”, has his wife and spouse to take care of him

14 March.’ 22 “Yod Taweesak” MOTIF guitarist, Yod Taweesak Nakkum, died of shock and collapsed from heart disease at the age of 41.

23 March.’ 22 “Beam Pabangkon” Famous teenage actor Degree “Beam Papangkorn Rerkchaloemphot” died of heart failure at the age of 25. The information states that the young actor was sleeping, his relatives tried to wake him up, but he didn’t wake up, so he was taken to the hospital and they tried to resuscitate him but in vain

March 27, 2022″Sompong berm” Famous director “Bem Sompong Tribubpha”, the owner of the nickname of a millionaire with a sense of humor. died peacefully With symptoms of a pulmonary infection, aged 76, after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, an enlarged thyroid, and a poor heartbeat. and low blood pressure

27 March.’ 22 “Nara Wave” Singer, artist for life, owner of the song “Ded Dok Fah” died of contracting COVID-19, who was originally “Ton Nara” sick with heart disease. so he died of heart failure

April 25, 2022 “Paitoon Tim Penporn” A famous former model has died peacefully at the age of 67 after a debilitating illness. He was found to have symptoms of thyroid disease, emphysema, thin and weighing 26 kilograms.

26 Apr.’ 22 “Rangsiya Bunnakorn” famous song singer “forbidden love” died of liver cancer at the age of 79, real name “Urai Phisitbanakorn”, nicknamed Ying, was born on February 28, 1944.

5 June 2022 “Suriya Chinnphan” Actor, former protagonist He died of many diseases at the age of 69 after receiving treatment in the ICU “Suriya Chinphan” infected with COVID-19 and lung infections. He was admitted to the ICU around May 25, 2022 and died in the morning of June 5.

25 June 2022 “Edward Vanzo” The lead singer of Kaleidoscope, 64, died of lung cancer, nicknamed the “Rod Stewart of Thailand”, a legendary heavy metal band in Thailand. And is the owner of many famous songs, such as Song Chuk Jai, because we are … together, beyond time, etc.

27 June 2022 “Kaival Wattanakrai” cartoon voice actor He died of liver failure aged 71. “Kaival Wattanakrai” is a legend about Thai voice actors. The owner of the famous works in the dub such as Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, Vegeta and the Tao Tao from Dragon Ball. and many other stories that create memories for many fans

10 Jul.’ 22 “Pong Neng invites you to smile” The legendary comedian “Pongneng Chernyim or Wachanat Kongpoptari” died peacefully in hospital after suffering from diabetes, kidney and blood pressure, which he had been treating at home for a while.

July 18, 2022, a shocking day for the music industry “Sunny U Four” Former boy band from the 90s who dare to reveal themselves to society Died inside the condo with circulatory system failure Having previously faced a debilitating disease But personal life has come across stories of no- they must be overcome. Both about work, rumours, unrequited love Including having health problems

27 Jul.’ 22 “I’m lazy, let’s explode” Comedy artist Kobchok Klaimsorn has died due to terminal lung cancer. you used to play the sitcom “Bomb Tereng Thoeeng” until you became famous and well known

18 August ’22 “Sombat Metanee” The National Performing Arts Artist of the year 2016, “Forever a Hero”, died due to lack of sleep at the age of 85. The biggest in the world

24 August 2022 “Yod Nakhon Nayok” The comedian or “Mr. Samak Pholprasert”, a former comedian, died peacefully at the age of 73 at a home in Phrommanee Sub-District. Mueang Nakhon Nayok District by before “Sick with cerebrovascular disease” lying in bed

8 September 2022 “Chuan Chuen Tone” The comedy artist or “Prawet Nuamyu” died of many illnesses. Including liver cancer which was treated for more than 3 months but the symptoms did not improve at the age of 52.

15 September 2022 “ML Phan Thewanop Devakula” or “Mom Noi” The director of a film, TV series, stage play, and also an acting teacher, died quietly of lung cancer at the age of 68 after being treated at the Bangkok Christian Hospital. for almost two months Before leaving, he left his last work with “Six Characters, Magical Mystery”, which was released nationwide for the first time on September 15, 2022.

25 September 2022 “Pong Ongart Niramon” famous designer He died peacefully of liver cancer. He was a well-known designer in the 80s, the owner of the famous brands PONG and Ong-art Niramon.

October 11, 2022, the end of another legendary comedian star “Excellent padauk flowers” who is known as a comedian who plays polite jokes He died of old age at the age of 80, after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for many years. You have to take medicine and continue the treatment Family care until the end The woman revealed that he said that ‘I want to remove it to play a joke’ but my body can’t take it. So can’t come back to the work I love Leaving only the works if funny fans come back to see it would be full of smiles and laughter

28 October 22 “Dark Pearl” or “Mr. Sak Bunruang”, an artist who died of many diseases, including colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, cerebral artery stenosis Hemiplegia unable to speak he is a famous percussionist and former singer, a member of ” Ploy Band”, owner of famous song “Unintentional” and “bad brain”

2 November 2022 “Piya Trakulrat” A very talented senior actor who has been in the industry for a long time. He died of cancer at the age of 68 at Phranangklao Hospital. After referring to fighting for up to 2 years

5 November 2022 “Kru Dam Prasat Tongram” The artist died of lung cancer. He is a cultural master. Thai cultural artist He has more than 50 years of experience as a Khon teacher in music and performing arts from the Jazz Hall

27 Nov. ’22 “Linda Khathancharoen” The actor died of pneumonia aged 66 after more than a decade of being ill after slipping his head and hitting his bathtub at home. Until I became a bedridden patient of body paralysis And was diagnosed with cancer at the base of the tongue, which “Tuk Full Month” revealed the cause of death He died of pneumonia at Chulalongkorn Hospital

16 December 22 “Nui, great cause” Or “Mr Akarapong Wongintharak”, a young actor, died of prostate cancer in the last stage after receiving treatment. After having surgery for prostate cancer

20 Dec.’ 22 “Buffalo Mouth” or “Monthon Ahosi” is considered a great teacher of the Thai Likay industry, has left many valuable works Especially on the Likay stage, the two Likay performances Up on the comedy star podium, including songwriting Composing stories and poems

24 Dec.’ 22 “Tom Engineering” Or “Chan Cheyasophon”, a famous actor, died of a bloodstream infection at the age of 87, entering the entertainment industry. As a young child, S. Asanachinda has his first 16 mm film, Yod Rak Kon Kham

THE ROOM 44 team would like to commemorate those artists who have died once again. Although he died, his work and his name remain forever.

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