The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office formed a team dedicated to the stalking and murder of Jeon Joo-hwan to investigate

Four people, including the 3rd chief detective, were put in… Investigation possible for up to 20 days

On the 21st, the prosecution established an investigation team dedicated to Jeon Joo-hwan (31, arrested), who murdered a woman after stalking, and began a reinforced investigation.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office has formed a dedicated investigation team led by Kim Soo-min, Chief Prosecutor of the 3rd Detective Division, in relation to Jeon’s case, which was dispatched by the police on that day.

A total of four prosecutors, including the team leader, were involved in the investigation.

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Prosecutors said, “We intend to take strict measures through a thorough reinforcement investigation and do our best to support the victims (survivors).”

The prosecution plans to transfer Chun to trial after conducting a reinforced investigation for up to 20 days from today.

Under the Criminal Procedure Act, prosecutors can investigate a suspect sent by the police for detention or a suspect directly arrested, for up to 20 days, including one extension to the detention period.

Chun is accused of murdering the victim with a knife in the women’s restroom at Sindang Station on Seoul’s Subway Line 2 on the night of the 14th, a day before the first trial, after a mistrial on charges of stalking the victim .

The Central Police Station in Seoul investigated Chun under arrest and sent him to prosecution on the same day on charges of revenge murder under the Serious Punishment for Specific Crimes Act.

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