The SET and UOB Asset Management (Thailand) launched the first Thematic ETF in Thailand.

The SET and UOB Asset Management (Thailand) launched the first Thematic ETF in Thailand.

Date 13 Jan 2022 time 22:16

The Stock Exchange of Thailand and UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launch Thematic ETF, Thailand’s first fund with a megatrend investment theme. Initially offering the country’s first fund, “UHERO”, open for subscription from 17-21 January, starting trading on the stock exchange at the beginning of February.

Mr. Pakorn Pitathawatchai Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand said that the Stock Exchange of Thailand supports the development of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) as a tool for investors to diversify their investments abroad easily and conveniently through existing trading accounts. ETF funds are instruments that have received interest from investors. global investment with a variety of underlying assets Can be used to organize investment portfolios easily. and low cost As a result, global ETF assets under management (AUM) as of mid-2021 rose to around $91 billion.

“For ETFs in Thailand, the SET It has fostered continuous development and aims to diversify its underlying assets. and expanding trading channels for the convenience of investors Ready to provide knowledge to promote understanding of investing through the latest ETF funds, SET Together with UOB Investment Management Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to develop United Hero ETF or UHERO which is the first Thematic ETF in Thailand with investment theme that is a megatrend following the growing trend of gaming and e-sports business. which will be listed and begin trading on the Stock Exchange of early February 2022,” said Mr. Pakorn.

Mr. Vana Poolphon, Chief Executive Officer UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that UHERO, the first Thematic ETF in Thailand, is an investment opportunity in the gaming and e-sports industry. Which is a recreational activity that has played a role in life during the world facing the COVID-19 epidemic, revenues in the gaming industry grew more than 20%, while e-sports grew more than 15% (Source: New zoo, Global X) and UOB Asset Management believe that it will continue to grow continuously in the long term. UHERO Fund Risk Level 6 focuses on foreign mutual funds Global X Video Games & Esports ETF ( Master Fund) which will be invested in the Solactive Video Games & E-sports Index, which consists of 30-40 companies with revenue from games and e-sports related businesses.

“UHERO is another important step in response to the SET’s policy. To expand investment opportunities for Thai investors to have access to ETFs abroad and reinforcing investment expertise in Thailand and success in developing new investment innovations Such funds have been selected through the investment process by a team of experts of UOB Asset Management Group and international investment partners,” said Mr. Vana.

Interested investors can study Thematic ETF information at And for those interested in UHERO funds, you can consult investment or request more information at a dealer appointed by the Asset Management Company or UOB Asset Management (Thailand) at at 0-2786-2222 by opening Subscription is available between 17-21 January 2022.



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