The setting up place of the fad for oily Chuseok food is ‘here’ : Dong-A Science

During the Chuseok vacation, a wide variety of tasty foods are prepared. I continue to keep obtaining my hands on oily food and I require to be thorough. Scientists in the United States have found out that the craving for fatty meals is induced by the intestine.

A research crew led by Professor Charles Zucker from the Office of Biochemistry of Columbia University in the United States described in the global scientific journal Nature on the 7th, “It was verified that a signal from the gut to the mind triggers the want for fatty food items.”

This review was executed in mice. The scientists introduced the mice with h2o in which fat was dissolved and sweetened h2o, and they saw which h2o they desired. The study workforce spelled out, “This is to obtain out how it reacts to lipids and fatty acids.

As a outcome, it was identified that the rats ongoing to ingest fat dissolved drinking water. The similar phenomenon was noticed in an experiment in mice genetically modified to suppress the flavor of fat on the tongue. “The mice did not style the body fat, but they desired h2o in which the excess fat was dissolved,” said the researchers.

The researchers analyzed that body fat activates specified brain circuits. As a final result of measuring mind activity in authentic mice, it was discovered that neurons in a specific location of ​​the brainstem are activated. These neurons are the neurons involved in feeding.

The staff followed the pathway utilized by fat to stimulate these neurons. As a result, it was concluded that there is some type of fats sensor in the intestines. When fats enters the intestines, this excess fat sensor is activated and sends a sign to the brain that stimulates the drive for fatty foodstuff.

The research group inactivated this unwanted fat sensor by means of genetic manipulation. The mice then shed their urge for food for fats. Inactivation of excess fat-taking in neurons made the very same effects.

“The obesity price has nearly doubled considering that 1980, and 500 million people now suffer from obesity-relevant diabetes,” Zucker mentioned.