The seventh national census is in progress, the police remind these scams to beware

Original title: The seventh national census is in progress, the police remind these scams to be careful

Recently, the populationCensusMany citizens have been recruited for fraud cases. Yesterday, the Provincial Public Security Department issued a reminder that these three types of fraud should be watched. According to relevant sources from the Provincial Public Security Department, currently related fraud based on the “census” is mainly divided into three categories. “The first type is direct money deception. In the name of the census, users are directly required to transfer funds and remittances. The second type is information fraud, that is, pretending to be a census clerk to collect users’ personal and family information for sale or account registration. The third category is to ask for a verification code. On the basis of understanding the user’s personal information, ask for the account password or verification code to transfer the user account through fraudulent calls or text messages.funds。”

The police stated that in accordance with the seventh national census policy, the censusjobsNot toacceptCensus people charge no fees.At the same time, census takers will wear vests, work permits, and stamps and certificates issued by people at county level and above during their work.visit, There is an identifiable census on the back of the work permitQR code.The census taker’s door-to-door census of population and residence information does not involve individualspropertySituation and any income survey, if you have questions about the census staff, you can write down the staff’s name, telephone number, work permit number, and work unit, and then ask the community street office, neighborhood (village) committee, community property, etc. for verification. To identify the census taker.

“Census staff and public security organs will not ask individuals for property, property, account password information, and SMS verification codes through telephone, text messages, or social networking tools for any reason. If you find yourself being cheated, please call 110 or Go to the nearest police station to report to the police.” The police remind citizens that while actively cooperating with the census, they must be vigilant and must not be credulous and not transfer money.

(Source: Jinling Evening News)

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