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Original title: The seventh national census kicks off, Tencent welcomes the big exam: How to serve a “company” of 7 million people?

For Tencent, this time in the populationCensusThe technical solutions used in the project will also be Tencent’s standard paradigm in all future government projects.

On November 1, the seventh national census was officially launched. More than 7 million census workers across the country will enter tens of thousands of households, completing the naming of a large country with a population of over 1.4 billion.

It is reported that China conducts a census every 10 years. The seventh national census will mainly investigate the basic information of the population and households, including name, citizen ID number, gender, age, ethnicity, education level, industry,Occupation, Migration, marriage, childbirth, death, housing, etc.

Compared with the past, the seventh census is very different, this time it will be fully electronic.

The reporter learned that in the first and second national censuses, the data were all carried out using an abacus.Manual summary; The third national census used computers for data processing for the first time; the fifth national census introduced photoelectric recognition technology for the first time, replacing manual keyboard entry with automatic computer recognition.

In the seventh population census, the census method that used to be collected by enumerators with paper information sheets in the past was changed to registration using PAD or personal smartphones. After registration, the data can be uploaded in real time, which improves efficiency and reduces intermediate links. , Which helps to improve data quality.In addition, the seventh census also addedthe InternetWays to report independently.

As for how to realize the electronic collection of more than 7 million enumerators, this question will be answered by Tencent.According to the information previously disclosed by the National Government Procurement Network, Tencent Cloud hasWin the bidThis census project will be jointlyenterpriseProvided by WeChatTechnical Support

  Tencent’s advantage

On November 4, Tencent Government Cloudvice presidentWang JingtianacceptA reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald said in an interview that Tencent began to concentrate on March 5 this year.teamDo the application development of the census. “According to the plan, it should be done before September, but during the period we caught up with the new crown epidemic, so the whole task is very intense.”

In fact, Tencent was confident before implementing this project.Because if the 7 million census takers are regarded as onethe company,specializedserviceEnterprise WeChat is actually a ready-madeproduct, Only need to further develop customized applications based on the enterprise WeChat platform.

At the same time, WeChat, which has a daily activity of over 1.2 billion, has covered most of the census subjects. If they want to declare on their own, they do not need to download any apps and open the WeChat applet.

Another more important point is that the amount of data collected by the census is very large, and it is nationalCommon peopleVery private data, which places high demands on the ability to collect, organize, and process data, as well as the security and reliability of the entire system.

These problems, for a large number of usersproduct serviceFor the experienced Tencent Cloud, it seems that the problem is not big.Wang Jingtian told reporters that the two technical characteristics of Tencent’s front-end product capabilities and back-end service support capabilities have also been obtained.statisticsRecognized by the bureau.

  Underestimated the difficulty of the project

However, during the development process, the Tencent team still encountered some unexpected difficulties. Wang Jingtian said that after the start of development, the team found that the understanding of the census business was still too simple. Previously, it was believed that information such as ID card numbers should be entered, but in fact, the census requires people to correspond with households.

“This is a complicated relationship because it keeps changing,” Wang Jingtian said. During the census,GuaranteeAll census objects are static, and they will also flow. They may be in Beijing today and will arrive in Shanghai tomorrow. This requires the product to provide the function of data sorting.

At the same time, the collected information needs to be verified, which requires clarifying the logical relationship between the data. For example, the family relationship and husband and wife relationship in the household registration. According to Wang Jingtian, based on previous manual census experience, a total of more than 700 business rules have been sorted out, and the Tencent team needs to write these rules into the program, so when the program was opened, the difficulty was far beyond expectations.

It is reported that because the update and query of population data are interlaced, that is, they have to be continuously entered and proofread and analyzed at the same time. Therefore, the Tencent team finally did a double-check for the application of the census.databaseDesign, a database dedicated toproduction systemThe other one is dedicated to query analysis.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the seventh census will also collect the ID numbers of census subjects for the first time to achieve comparison and verification with the administrative records of public security, health and health departments, and further increase the authenticity and accuracy of the data.

For corporate WeChat, although it has been serving companiesclient, But no company can really have 7 million employees. Therefore, in order to serve this huge “company”, the enterprise WeChat also mobilized the R&D department and made some customized adjustments.

Wang Qiong, senior director of the enterprise WeChat industry, told reporters that considering that many census subjects have no Internet, enterprise WeChat has added the “offline Internet access” function for weak network environments, and the software can still run when there is no network signal, etc. The system background data will be automatically uploaded when there is a network signal.

Currently, the entire censusjobsIt is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the system developed by Tencent has also ushered in a real test. According to Wang Jingtian, the overall system load is already very high, about 100,000 QPS (interface requests) per second, but this has not yet reached the highest point set by Tencent, and it is still far from the peak.

Wang Jingtian said that mobile-based electronic census methods are not only a technological revolution in our national census work, but also lead the technological advancement of census methods in the world. Therefore, the success of this system is of epoch-making significance for China and the global statistics industry.

For Tencent, the technical solutions used in this census project will also be Tencent’s standard paradigm in all future government projects. “The census project provides an excellent opportunity for Tencent to use actualCaseIt validates Tencent’s technical architecture, which will further strengthen Tencent’s confidence in developing government business.”

(Source: 21st Century Business Herald)

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