The Shinkansen Delays Leave Sendai Matsudo Cheer Squad Stranded, Tsuchiura Nichidai Arrives with Bravery

Shinkansen Delays Leave Sendai Matsudo Cheer Squad Stranded while Tsuchiura Nichidai Brings a Full Brigade of Support

In a nail-biting match during the 105th National High School Baseball Championship on the tournament’s 10th day, the Sendai Matsudo team from Chiba faced off against Tsuchiura Nihon University from Ibaraki. However, a series of unfortunate events caused the cheer squad from Sendai Matsudo to be stuck in the vicinity of Takatsuki City, while Tsuchiura Nichidai arrived at Koshien Stadium accompanied by a spirited brass band and enthusiastic cheerleaders.

The frenzied anticipation surrounding the game was dampened by the temporary suspension of Tokaido Shinkansen operations due to heavy rainfall, leaving both schools’ cheering squads unable to make it to the stadium on time. With the cheering seats at Coleg Matsudo sitting empty, a few club members and their supportive parents valiantly clapped their hands throughout the entire match. Although some of the students from Tsuchiura Nihon University managed to reach the venue, the absence of their peers was glaringly evident in the unoccupied seats in the Alps section.

During the game, Sendai Matsudo initially gained a commanding lead with six runs, only to be caught off guard as Tsuchiura Nihon University rallied back and scored nine runs to turn the tables. Ultimately, Tsuchiura Nihon University emerged victorious with a final score of 10-6, securing their spot in the quarterfinals.

An atmosphere of both disappointment and admiration swept through the stadium as the Sendai Matsudo players persistently attacked without the accompaniment of their cheerleaders or brass band. Applause erupted from the crowd, acknowledging their perseverance and dedication. Some of the dejected Sendai Matsudo players collapsed on the field, in front of the desolate Alps section. Officials revealed that the cheerleaders, who were scheduled to arrive at Koshien by Shinkansen, were stranded near Takatsuki City in Osaka Prefecture as the game came to an end.

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The cheer squad is stuck in the vicinity of Takatsuki City…Tsuchiura Nichidai arrives only with a brass band and cheerleaders

The 105th National High School Baseball Championship was held on the 16th, the 10th day of the tournament. In the fourth game between Sendai Matsudo (Chiba) and Tsuchiura Nihon Univ (Ibaraki), Shinkansen delays prevented the Sendai Matsudo cheer squad from reaching Koshien before the end of the game.

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The Tokaido Shinkansen temporarily delayed the operation due to heavy rain, so the cheering squads of the two schools were not in time for the start of the game. At Coleg Matsudo, the cheering seats were completely empty, and several members of the club and their parents clapped their hands until the end. Although the brass band and cheerleaders arrived at Tsuchiura Nihon University, some of the students did not manage to arrive in time, and the seats in the Alps were clearly empty.

In the game, Sendai Matsudo took the lead with 6 points, but Tsuchiura Nihon University scored 9 points to turn the game around. With a score of 10-6, Tsuchiura Nihon University advanced to the quarterfinals.

When Sendai Matsudo attacked without a cheerleader or a brass band, applause erupted from the stadium. Some of the players who were defeated Sendai Matsudo Nine players fell in front of the Alps. According to officials, the cheerleaders who were going to Koshien by Shinkansen were in canned food near Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, at the end of the game.

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