The Shocking Incident: Han Ji-min’s Character Disappears in ‘Hip-Hope’ Episode 9

[Photo Source: Drama ‘Hip-Hope’] [Reporter Jeong Heon-hee, Korea Teacher Newspaper]

Episodes 9 and 10 of the JTBC weekend drama “Hip-Hope” will be aired on Saturday, the 9th, and Sunday, the 10th, at 22:30. The previous 8 episodes had an average viewer rating of 7.0% (Nielsen Korea), with episode 6 reaching the highest viewer rating of 7.5% (Nielsen Korea). The first episode had a viewer rating of 5.3% (Nielsen Korea).

Episode 9 will be rebroadcast on JTBC at 21:10 on Sunday, the 10th. Episodes 9 and 10 will be continuously rebroadcast on JTBC starting at 14:10 on Monday, the 11th. The drama consists of a total of 16 episodes.

“Hip-Hope” follows the story of Bong Ye-bun, a diligent veterinarian in the crime-free and lust-filled elite farming village of Mujin. He possesses psychometric abilities that allow him to see the past of animals and people. Moon Jang-yeol, a detective in need of his skills, partners with him to solve a serial murder case while also investigating smaller crimes each day. The drama features Ji-min Han as Bong Ye-bun, Lee Min-ki as Moon Jang-yeol, and other talented actors.

In a shocking incident, a still cut from the drama reveals Bong Ye-bun standing alone in a remote fishing spot late at night. This occurrence leads to increased tension, as Bong Ye-bun gets caught up in an unexpected event without Moon Mun-yeol, his partner and exclusive weapon. The photos also show Kim Seon-woo, portrayed by Su-ho, with a mysterious expression, holding Bong Ye-bun’s cell phone. The audience is left wondering why he has the phone and what has happened to Bong Ye-bun.

The production team of “Hip-Hope” stated, “Bong Ye-bun disappears, leaving her cell phone behind, creating a crisis.” In the last episode, it was revealed that in addition to Bong Ye-bun and Jeon Gwang-sik, played by Park No-sik, there is another person with supernatural powers, adding to the intrigue of the story.

The drama aims to explore the theme of human communication and encourages viewers to engage in meaningful interactions. It emphasizes the importance of connecting with others, understanding their true feelings, and breaking away from superficial conversations. By holding someone’s hand, making eye contact, and reading their facial expressions, one can discover the true emotions of their loved ones, even without special powers.

In episode 8, titled “The later you catch it, the more dangerous it becomes for you,” the residents of Mujin become suspicious of each other when a shaman predicts another event in the village. Bong Ye-bun and Moon Jang-yeol are tasked with investigating a disappearance that may be related to a serial murder. Jang-yeol grows suspicious of Seon-woo and asks Ye-bun to use her psychometric abilities on him.

The main characters of “Hip-Hope” include Bong Ye-bun, played by Han Ji-min, who has psychometric abilities and is a veterinarian specializing in cattle and pigs. Moon Jang-yeol, portrayed by Lee Min-ki, is a passionate former detective. The drama explores their intricate relationship as they work together to solve mysteries and uncover the truth.

[Photo Source: Drama ‘Hip-Hope’]
[Photo Source: Drama ‘Hip-Hope’]
Han Ji-min as Bong Ye-bun

[Photo Source: Drama ‘Hip-Hope’]
Lee Min-ki as Moon Jang-yeol

This drama promises a unique blend of humor, investigation, and action, captivating the viewers with its intriguing plot and talented cast.

[사진출처=드라마 ‘힙하게’]

[한국강사신문 정헌희 기자] JTBC weekend drama today at 22:30 on the 9th (Saturday) and 10th (Sunday) <힙하게(연출 김석윤, 최보윤 감독, 극본 이남규, 오보현, 김다희 작가)> Episodes 9 and 10 will be broadcast. The viewer rating for the last 8 episodes was 7.0% (Nielsen Korea). The highest viewer rating was recorded in episode 6, with a viewer rating of 7.5% (Nielsen Korea). The viewer rating for the first episode was 5.3% (Nielsen Korea).

Episode 9 will be rebroadcast on JTBC at 21:10 on Sunday the 10th. Episodes 9 and 10 will be continuously rebroadcast on JTBC starting at 14:10 on the 11th (Monday).

A drama with a total of 16 episodes. <힙하게치>The story follows ‘Bong Ye-bun’, a diligent vet who can see the past of animals and people through his psychometric abilities that he accidentally developed in Mujin, a clean, crime-free, and lust-filled elite farming village. a detective who really needs his skills to return to Gwangsoo University in Seoul. It is a funny investigative action drama where ‘Jang-Yeol Moon’ is caught in a serial murder case while cooperating to investigate a small crime every day.

The cast includes Ji-min Han (as Bong Ye-bun), Lee Min-ki (as Moon Jang-yeol), Su-ho, Joo Min-kyung, Yang Jae-seong, Park Seong-yeon, Kim Hee-won , Cho Min-guk, Lee Seung-jun, Park Hyuk-kwon, and Park No-sik.

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‘Hip-hop’ Han Ji-min in a shocking incident. A precarious still cut of superpower Bong Ye-bun (Han Ji-min) standing alone in a remote fishing spot late at night was revealed. In Mujin, where a case of serial murder took place, Bong Ye-bun is caught in a shocking incident without Moon Mun-yeol (played by Lee Min-ki), the ‘exclusive weapon of Bong Ye-bun’, increasing’ r tension. A sense of urgency is conveyed in Bong Ye-bun’s shocked expression, as if he has discovered something in the eerie darkness.

In the following photo, Kim Seon-woo (played by Su-ho) makes a strange expression while holding his cell phone as if he is looking for Bong-ye-bun. I wonder why he has Bong Ye-bun’s cell phone and what happened to Bong Ye-bun, the owner of the cell phone. Won Jong-mook (played by Kim Hee-won), who was always relaxed, also looks very nervous as if a big event has happened, suggesting that a shocking incident has happened.

The ‘Hip-Hope’ production team asked, “Bong Ye-bun disappears, leaving her cell phone behind. crisis.”

In the last broadcast, the shocking fact was revealed that in addition to Bong Ye-bun and Jeon Gwang-sik (Park No-sik), there is another person with super powers. Amidst a series of murders, tensions rose between the suspicious villagers and a mysterious third psychic.

-Planning intention for the drama ‘Hip-Hope’

[사진출처=드라마 ‘힙하게’]

Our main character, Bong Ye-bun, has one of many superpowers! I have the psychometric ability to see the past when I touch my butt. Should I break away from specializing in cows and pigs and become a vet specializing in dogs and cats? Would you like to discover the inner thoughts of a handsome man and find some deep love? While dreaming of a rosy future that will unfold if he uses his psychometric abilities… he is captured by a psychotic man, Detective Moon Mun-yeol, who has been dismissed from Seoul. This man, who has nothing but passion for the investigation, becomes a duet (written as a combination, reads as a slave) with a servant and a servant and begins to conduct a joint investigation.

<전원일기> In Mujin, a beautiful rural area <수사반장> As I solve mysteries, sometimes I’m happy because I’m punishing the bad guy, sometimes I’m angry because I’m unfair, sometimes I’m sad because I feel sorry, and sometimes I’m n happy to be together. Experiencing the heat and the joy and the sorrows together, Yebun comes to a realization. The important thing was not whether someone had superpowers or not. I had no desire to get to know that person.

The modern age is an age where windows and channels of communication are overflowing. However, ‘human communication’ has been disconnected. A person who communicates at a higher level than anyone else in the app is actually having a lukewarm conversation with the person sitting in front of them and hiding their true feelings.

I want to communicate with you. I want to know your truth. So, for our play, we ask you to be careful. At this point, try holding someone’s hand, making eye contact, reading their facial expressions, and talking to them. Then, you will be able to know the true feelings of your loved ones even without special powers…!

-Information about the drama episode ‘Hip-Hope’

Chapter 8: ‘The later you catch it, the more dangerous it becomes for you.’ When the shaman says that another event is likely to happen in Mujin, the residents become suspicious of each other. Meanwhile, Ye-bun and Jang-yeol are asked to investigate a disappearance that may be a serial murder… Jang-yeol suspects Seon-woo based on the clues found by Ye-bun and he ask Ye-bun to perform psychometrics on Seon-woo…

-Character relationships in the drama ‘Hip-Hope’

[사진출처=드라마 ‘힙하게’]

-Character in the drama ‘Hip-Hope’

Han Ji-min [사진출처=드라마 ‘힙하게’]

Bong Ye-bun, a person with psychometric abilities. Veterinarian specializing in cattle and pigs. He took over the animal hospital run by his parents and grandfather in Mujin, Chungcheong Province. The reason why we have been building an animal hospital here who are worried about not being able to pay rent is because we have calculated that if this area is redeveloped, apartment complexes will form a forest, and then there will be people with dogs and cats also join them. . But I have a horrible feeling that, let alone development, it will remain a dilapidated village forever…

So today too <소 돼지 전문입니다> He turns out to be handing out flyers and is sold into a lucrative job by his aunt, who is a nurse at a veterinary hospital. However, I reluctantly won the lottery(?) at the cattle farm I was on a business trip to! At this moment when Geumsil, who was about to give birth, was touching the buttocks and encouraging the baby, a shooting star fell!

After that, something amazing happened. When you touch an animal’s butt, you have a superpower called psychometry, which allows you to see its past history! This is definitely something I got from God. At first I thought so. In order to receive divine blessings, he has no choice but to visit the shaman who is said to be the gentlest person in the neighborhood. However, you realize that even the shaman is Saja! After many exercises and experiments. I am told that this is not a miracle, but a supernatural power.

First, understand your superpowers! The depth, scope, and limits of your abilities must be studied thoroughly and in detail. Could it be that I’m a man too…? But why the barrel! You should go to a place where there are as many people as possible. It’s a crowded bus. However, there, he encounters a lifetime of evil… A passionate detective, Moon Jae-yeol, handcuffs Ye-bun, who tests his psychometric abilities! A toxic man who doesn’t even care about women in the face of injustice is going to spread a video that could easily be misunderstood as deviant if people don’t cooperate with him?

Is it rumored that you are a deviant girl in a small town where you even know the number of chopsticks and spoons among your neighbors? Is there anything that could stop someone from getting married?! So, Ye-bun decides to cry and eat mustard and begins a joint investigation using psychometrics with Jang-yeol. But… why are there so many accidents in this narrow area? This man is constantly questioned about cases, and has a tendency to create cases that don’t even exist. Then one day, a big event happens that is unlike anything before. Discovering bodies one after the other.

He is caught up in an increasingly serious serial murder mystery. Now, not just because of Detective Moon’s threats. From his natural compassion and good nature, he takes the lead and starts looking for the criminal. Then, I learn the truth about my mother’s death that I didn’t know before…

Lee Min-ki [사진출처=드라마 ‘힙하게’]

Mungyeol Moon, a former detective at Gwangsoo University. Current Mujin-seo homicide detective. Mujin’s Assassination Squad? Is that corner of town a place where violent crime happens? Jang Yeol, a passionate detective with nothing but passion, decided the day he laid eyes on Mujin for the first time. Gwangsu-daero in Seoul will be restored to its original condition within a month. Judging by the size, it seems that quantity rather than quality is more important here.

We will solve any case! Even if we do it, we will increase the number of cases. Then, Yebun is arrested for sexually harassing a crowded bus. The funny thing is… this woman says she has psychic powers. Psychometrics? If you touch their butt, you can see everything about that person?? He seriously talks about things that would make even a cow laugh… he looks really crazy. However, what Yebun said was not a lie!!! If I use Yebun’s abilities well, it’s only a matter of time before I return to Gwangsoo University in Seoul! From then on, he started behaving strangely and tried to seduce, or even threaten, Yebun.

In fact, they say they will use it as a baton. Let’s use the video we took during the on-site evidence as a tool and train the foal-like horse!! I like it. During my time at Gwangsu University. Jang Yeol’s brilliant career was scratched by one mistake of trusting the suspect in a very important case. Just trying to go up again. I’ll catch the guy who cheated on me first. Please change this.

But, the guy I was looking for…! A cold body appeared before me. Another body was found later. This is most likely a serial murder. The criminal must be a Mujin. Going to Seoul is no longer a problem. I must solve this case.

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