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[▲ An imaginary view of a “fountain in space” celestial body. The interaction between a giant star and its favorite little star spews a jet, forming a ring of matter (Credit: Danielle Futselaar,].

Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)Theo KhouriAt the top of the list, Kagoshima UniversityAssociate Professor Yu ImaiThe research group in which they participated“Fountain of the universe”We announced a new research result on the celestial body called.According to the research group, the “fountain of the universe” celestial body is also in the Milky Way galaxy where 100 billion stars are said to exist.15 casesIt is said to be a rare celestial body that has only been found, and in this research its identity isPossibility of a binary star between relatively light starsWas shown.

■ Binaries consisting of stars with masses similar to the Sun can always become “fountains of the universe” celestial bodies.

The sun is a star that exists aloneBut the universe consists of two or more starsThere are also many binariesdoing.One of the stars that make up this binary star will soon beEvolved into a giant starWhen you doAnother star revolves in the immediate vicinityIf soBoth are assumed to be integratedIt has been.The thick layer of gas and dust surrounding the two integrated stars“Common Outer Layer”Binaries with a common envelope show various morphologiesPlanetary nebulaorType Ia supernovaIt is said that it may be related to


*… It is said that this occurs when the mass of the white dwarf reaches about 1.4 times the mass of the sun (Chandrasekhar limit mass) as a result of the gas moving from the star continuing to accumulate on the white dwarf in the star consisting of the white dwarf and the star. SupernovaSome of the things that are thought to be celestial bodies that wear such a common outer layer“Fountain of the universe” celestial bodyThere is something called. What is a “fountain of the universe” celestial body?Maser emitted by water molecules(Radio wave version of laser) is observed in the celestial bodyHigh-speed jets ejected in both directionsIt is believed to be doing.According to the research group, “the fountain of the universe” is hundreds of millions because of the length of time that the jet seems to take to penetrate the thick common envelope and, as mentioned above, only 15 cases of the same kind of objects have been found in the Milky Way galaxy. The last of a star’s life spanning years to billions of yearsPeriod less than 100 years

It is said that it is considered to be a celestial body equivalent to.This time, the research group is a group of radio telescopes in Chile.“ALMA”Approximately 7,000 light-years away in the direction of “Aquila”「W43A」We observed “fountains of the universe” celestial bodies including.In this observation, the emission line of radio waves (* radio waves emitted by carbon monoxide molecules containing trace isotopes of carbon and oxygen atoms) that can see inside the thick common outer layerDetected for the first time in a “fountain of space” celestial body

It is said that it was done.Based on the intensity of the detected emission lines, the research group found that the stars that form the “fountain of the universe” celestial bodyA star that has the same mass as the Sun, or even if it is heavier, it has a mass about 2 to 3 times that of the Sun.AndReleases a large amount of substance equivalent to half of its own mass in a short period of timeI found out what I was doing.If a star with a mass in this range exists alone, it may take hundreds of thousands of years to release a large amount of matter at the final stage of evolution, and this observation is “in the universe. Fountain “A star with two or more celestial bodies, that isMore solid evidence that it consists of a binary star

Is considered to be.

[▲ “W43A” (pseudo color) in Aquila, one of the “fountains of the universe” celestial body observed by ALMA. The color of the jets ejected in both directions indicates whether they are approaching (blue) or away from the earth (red) (Credit: ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO), D. Tafoya et al.)]The research group also based on the proportion of “fountains in the universe” celestial bodies among the stars in the final stages of evolution in the Milky Way galaxy.When relatively light stars with the mass of the Sun form a binary star, they always become “fountains of the universe” in the final stage of evolution.

I concluded.Less than 100 years means that the stage of the “fountain of the universe” celestial body isHuman lifeIt will only last for about the same period as.The research group can be said to be a momentary existence on the scale of the universe about the future.It is important to see how the “fountain of the universe” celestial body evolves

I point out that.

Khouri said, “What is the cause of the supernova explosion, how do black holes approach and collide, and what creates the planetary nebula, which is a beautiful and symmetrical object? The common outer layer is one answer to these questions. Astronomers have long wondered if this is the case, and we now have a new way to study this important and mysterious stage of evolution. “

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Image Credit: Danielle Futselaar,
Source: Kagoshima University / National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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