“The signal is changing… What should I do, Grandpa?” At that time, a young man… his stomach was all ‘warm’

In the evening of the 26th, this is a view of the road contained in a black box from a vehicle near Neunggok Station, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

There is an old man in the middle of the intersection.

He walks so slowly that he looks as if he is standing.

The driver of the black box vehicle is waiting for the elderly to cross the intersection.


“I had to make a U-turn, but one of the grandfathers in front of me was crossing the intersection very slowly. So, my husband was blocking the lane with a car in case of the car behind after he came too fast and hurt his grandfather…”

Drivers of vehicles that start driving slowly only after they change to a walk signal. At that time, a young man is caught in the black box of the vehicle.

This young man carries the old man on his back and steps across the cross path.

An elderly man who had been hesitant at an intersection crossed the road with himself on his back so he could pass during the walk signal.

The woman, who checked the black box together after hearing the situation from her husband, said she wanted to let people know about this young man’s ‘small but warm’ good deed, so she reported it to MBC.


“Being able to see other people’s good deeds right in front of my eyes was a great joy in itself. Because they say we are very desolate. These days, it was so nice that there are still people who don’t they hesitate to help each one.” others like that. I was happy.”

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