The Silent Sea, when Korea took the series, he stepped on the moon

end of the year Bisexual News would like to take you to see a magnificent one star series. That is an important step in the Korean series industry that has it all. So let’s take a look at another quality series on Netflix with

This series is a Netflix Original Series that invests in a big end-of-year project. by Choi Han Young New director to direct by The Silent Sea is a sci-fi series. plus thriller A little drama, Korean style by having a large number of actors such as Berto Gong Yoo come join Baduna Both of them must be regarded as globally successful Korean actors. The more that this series more attractive

The Silent Sea tell the story of the future world that mankind has to share the rich and poor with the right to receive water, but nevertheless, ambition The government has sent research teams to a space station based on the moon. but have not been contacted back By sending scientists specializing in biology, Han Yun Jae (Gong Yoo) and Dr. Yong Ji An (Bae Doona) lead the mission. But when it arrived at the space station It appears that sin The whole station is dead, mom. and not normal death The corpse was like drowning.

But the moon has no water!!!

Well, an interesting story was born. Trying to find the truth on an uninhabited space station

The link that “water” may have been a major factor in mortality. And when they take off their spacesuits It turns out, hey, or really? There will be a serious infection going on here. I can’t get my head up and down. and when traced the fact that the government sent them up They may not have given them all the information they should have known in the first place.

Could they be sent to die?


Of course, this kind of plot It is a sci-fi plot that we are all familiar with. from various sci-fi movies or series but you have to understand that this is another important step in Korea Because the CG in that story is quite vain. Although there are some scenes that CG can’t take it, mom. Or maybe it’s just too dark, Mom, but I have to admit that my ambitions go to space. and became Korea’s first space sci-fi series. What’s so exciting?

Another Korean thing that Tei always talks about is the Han culture. inserted in every Korean series which is to tell how big the scale is It has to turn back to personal drama. care of feelings There are always personal things involved in the work or the main story. For example, Dr. Yong Ji Han was sent. She didn’t come because of the mission alone. but because of her sister also died in this tragedy on the space station. So it’s a personal matter. Korean feeling mixed with style.

This is a fun and uncomfortable episode through 8 episodes where we will see the survival of the scientist who is very precise in principle. But there was a decision like a Korean series came in. Bisexual would be like, what, mom, is it good, mom, and it made the situation even more tense? The extraterrestrial world will become even more bully, making everything impossible. We’re all going to die.

So niggas just watched 8 episodes with a long shot like, ah, it’s over? It’s easy.

Although this is the director’s first work. It’s an ambition to go to space. and the creation of a CG that has some corners, some scenes are frowned upon But we have to admit that this is a series that is a big step forward for Korea. Enough with Ony’s first steps on the moon. And it will be an important milestone for the further development of Soft Power of Korea. And it looks like there will be a lot of fun in SS2 as well.

You can follow The Silent Sea on Netflix. She has already posted all 8 episodes, ladyboys. At least I’m satisfied with Gong Yoo.


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