“The situation in Ukraine is at risk”, the secretary-general of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe… call for dialogue

Failure to come up with a solution to the situation

OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmidt at a press conference

Vienna, Austria (AFP = Yonhap News) Director-General of the Organization for European Security and Cooperation (OSCE), Helga Schmidt, speaks during a press conference in Vienna, Austria, at the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Board on the 13th (local time). 2022.1.13. [email protected]

(Geneva = Yonhap News) Correspondent Lim Eun-jin = OSCE Secretary-General on the 13th (local time) called for dialogue to resolve the situation, saying the situation in the area around the Ukrainian border is “very dangerous”.

OSCE Secretary-General Helga Schmidt said at a press conference in Vienna, Austria, the meeting of the OSCE’s standing committee on the same day that he was “seriously concerned” about the escalating military crisis in the region, according to AFP news agency APTN.

“In times of tension, we need to work with dialogue to reduce risk, prevent incidents and increase transparency,” he said.

“We have such a mechanism,” he said, adding that he hoped that OSCE would become an essential platform to discuss resolution of the situation.

OSCE is the world’s largest security organization, in which countries in Europe, Central Asia and North America participate.

The United States, Russia, and Ukraine also participated, and on that day, the standing committee, attended by ambassadors from 57 countries, held a meeting on the military crisis surrounding Ukraine.

However, as in the talks between Russia and the West that led to the US-Russian bilateral meeting on the 10th (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Russia-NATO meeting (Brussels, Belgium) on the 12th, no breakthrough was made in this meeting.

An official told Reuters that at the meeting, the participants read the statement they had prepared in advance rather than continuing the discussion.

The military crisis in the region has escalated as Russia has deployed about 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border since last year.

U.S. intelligence officials warned that Russia could invade Ukraine as early as this year, but Russia denies this, arguing that the United States and NATO are threatening Russia by providing military support to Ukraine. .

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