“The situation in which citizens take over health center work”… Japan’s COVID-19 cases surge

Firefighting, police, etc. overload due to the increase in the number of confirmed cases
“Urgent measures to prevent infection among medical personnel
Consider closing the ward and limiting medical treatment.”

A Japanese medical worker receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Tokyo = Associated Press

Naha, Japan, where 38 people were infected with Corona 19 on the 4th. In just four days, on the 8th, the number of new infections per day increased tenfold to 400.

“We made it possible for the infected person to make contact by specifying who was in close contact. We are in a situation where we are asking the general public to do some of the health center work.”

These words from an official at the Naha City Public Health Center clearly show the current situation in Japan, where the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is rapidly increasing due to the spread of Omicron mutation. If this situation continues, concerns are being raised that the systems that support the foundations of society, such as the police and firefighting systems, may be shaken. Above all, it is pointed out that measures to prevent infection of medical workers who are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 are urgent.

On the 12th, NHK analyzed data published until the 10th and reported that in Okinawa, where the situation was the worst, there were 503 medical workers who could not work due to confirmed corona 19 or close contact. In the week leading up to the 10th, the number of new infections in Okinawa reached 7,314, a 19-fold increase compared to the previous week. NHK analyzed that 47 and 280 doctors and nurses were unable to work, respectively. Already, medical institutions that restrict treatment continue to appear, and there are places where the Self-Defense Forces personnel have been dispatched.

The worsening of the medical situation is not unique to Okinawa. An official from a hospital in Tokyo said in an interview with the Asahi Shimbun, “I think we will face the medical situation in Okinawa soon.” said.

Infections are also increasing in areas such as police, maritime security, and firefighting. According to NHK analysis, 37 Okinawa police officers have been confirmed to be infected, and a family member of the confirmed case has been classified as a close contact. In some areas, police officers from other areas were also dispatched. In addition, 40 people from the Coast Guard and 10 people from the fire station (as of 4 pm on the 11th) were confirmed.

As the number of confirmed cases increased significantly, the epidemiological investigation conducted by public health centers tended to be reduced. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the city of Hiroshima, which broke the record for the most number of confirmed cases for four days in a row, took measures to significantly reduce the period of checking the behavioral history of an infected person in an epidemiological investigation from two weeks to two days after symptoms began to appear.

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