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The situation of leaving the scene in Namgyeong-do during the Incheon knife riot… “Scream and stop”

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“Come out with the fleeing policewoman”

▲ A 40-year-old who is accused of injuring three family members in conflict due to noise between floors with a knife enters the Incheon District Court in Michuhol-gu, Incheon on the afternoon of the 17th to receive an interrogation of a suspect before arrest. 2021.11.17 Yonhap News

There are claims that a male police officer who was outside the villa at the time of the ‘knife riot between floors’ that occurred in Incheon came inside and left the scene with a female police officer.

On the 23rd, Yonhap News reported that Inspector Nam Kyung-in, who belongs to a certain division of Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station, entered the villa and came out again at the time of the knife attack that occurred on the 3rd floor of a villa in Namdong-gu, Incheon around 5:05 pm on the 15th.

Just before the incident, Inspector A was talking outside the villa with Mr. B, a man in his 60s, the owner and reporter of the third floor. On the third floor of the villa, there was Mr. B’s wife, a daughter in her 20s, and Policewoman C, a female policewoman.

At this time, when Mr. D (48), a resident of the 4th floor of the villa, came down to the 3rd floor and wielded a weapon at the neck of Mr. B’s wife, Police Officer C left the scene and came down to the 1st floor.

Inspector A heard the scream and followed Mr. B, who went up to the 3rd floor, into the villa, and then came out again with Inspector C, who was rushing down to the 1st floor.

At that time, Inspector A was carrying a pistol and Inspector C was carrying a taser.

Inspector A is reported to have explained that he had left the scene for reasons such as requesting first aid and career support, just like Inspector C. Afterwards, the common front door was locked, and it was reported that they entered the villa only after another resident opened the door.

While they were away from the scene, Mr. B’s daughter held Mr. D’s hand and confronted him, and at the end of a physical fight, Mr. B subdued Mr. D. Inspector A and others are said to have joined the scene after Mr. D was subdued.

At that time, Mr. B’s wife was stabbed in the neck with a knife and was unable to regain consciousness.

Seo Young-gyo “I stopped while climbing Nanjing… Both male and female police officers have a problem in responding”

On that day, Seo Young-gyo, a member of the National Assembly’s Administrative Safety Committee, also claimed, “Namkyung stopped while going up after hearing a scream at the scene.”

Rep. Seo appeared on CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ this morning and said, “The scene of the incident was on the third floor, and Nam-kyung, who was a security guard among the two-person police, took his father down to the first floor and listened to the situation.” “Why did you go down to the first floor when you should have solved the problem on the third floor?” he asked.

Rep. Seo said, “I heard a scream and my father ran up, but the inspector (Nanjing) should have gone too. We should have jumped up together and suppressed it,” he said.

Rep. Seo said, “This case is not so much because it was a female police officer, but rather a matter of the ability and qualities of the police themselves. (Female police and male police officers) both had problems responding and caused huge damage.” He said, “There should be one police station to isolate and calm the perpetrators, but a policeman goes downstairs and talks with his father, and the family has 3 was left on the floor. When the cops come, they get excited. It should have been stopped on the spot.”

An Incheon Police Agency official said, “It is difficult to reveal the details of the situation at the time as the investigation is currently underway,” about the allegation that male Inspector A also fled the scene.

Meanwhile, in relation to the incident, a petition calling for their dismissal was posted on the Blue House’s public petition bulletin board, and more than 230,000 citizens agreed.

The National Police Agency announced on the 21st that the chief of Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station, the police station in charge of the incident, was dismissed from office and issued an apology to the public. He also announced that he would take strict action after inspecting two police officers on the spot who are currently on standby.

The police have arrested A on charges of attempted murder and special injury and are investigating the case.

Reporter Lee Bo-hee [email protected]

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