The sixth part of “Heroes of the Holy Fire Falling Down” will open on December 7th, and a new hero summoning event “Fire Emblem Heroes” will be launched simultaneously

Nintendo’s mobile game “Sacred Fire Falling Magic Record Heroes Gathering” today released “Feh Channel 2021.12.6”, bringing special events and updates in December.

First of all, it is officially announced that Part 6 will open at 16:00 on December 7th. After completing Chapter 1 of Part 6 with normal difficulty, the god-ranked hero Ai Xu will become a partner.

At the same time, to commemorate the opening of Part 6, the official announcement of special events, including “commemorative login rewards” and “commemorative missions” for various rewards. Through the “flying city missions”, you can collect flying stones for a limited period and exchange them. The flying city equipment on the screen will finally be presented with a brand-new “6th memorial castle screen theme”.

In conjunction with the opening of Part 6, there will also be a new hero summoning event “The 6th Opening Commemoration of New Heroes & Ai Xu”. There will be new heroes “Baris”, “Bakirio”, “Flavia”, “Milli El” and “Lian Ye” appeared. Among them, Milly El will pass the commemorative mission, and Lian Ye will become a partner after the hero battle.

In addition, the game will soon be equipped with a new battle mode “Hero Duel” that allows summoners from all over the world to battle one-on-one in real time. The victory or defeat condition of this mode is to wipe out all the opponents or even if the score is higher than the opponent, even if you win, you can also choose “Favorite Hero Battle”, and you can set the “Favorite Hero” to become the captain of the unit to fight. “Free Battle” and “Practice Battle” can also fight against Summoners you know, or practice against AI opponents.

Finally, about the new elements after the update. First, you can create a personal profile card. You can freely edit the “Hometown of Heart”, “Favorite Hero”, “Play Style” and other options, and choose your favorite card style to create your own personal profile card. .

Another update is the addition of “Lian Wing, Double World” and the “Version” representing the hero’s debut period in the sorting. The filter criteria has been added “Hero Type”, which is divided into “Inheritance”, “God Rank” and “Lian Wing”. “Double World” and “Sing and Dance”, as well as “Version (During Appearance)” with additional heroes appearing.



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