The smiling “Mona Lisa” is covered with cream. What is the message of a man who took a shocking action at the Louvre? | HuffPost NEWS

A famous historical masterpiece that everyone knows was damaged by no means.

At the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, on May 29, local time, a man threw a cake with cream on Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “Mona Lisa.” Several overseas media such as the UK and BBC reported. What the hell happened?

A masterpiece covered with cream.The moment it was wiped off, I was just smiling in vain

In conclusion, there was no direct damage to Mona Lisa. The painting was protected by glass, so it was safe.

According to the BBC, it was a 36-year-old man dressed as an elderly woman in a wheelchair who threw the cake at Mona Lisa. The man was wearing a wig and lipstick and was arrested by a security guard who rushed in after the turmoil.

Although protected by glass, Mona Lisa was covered with cream over a wide area, especially from the chest to the bottom.

The photo, which appears to have been taken inside the building after the incident, showed the staff wiping off the cream on the Mona Lisa, but it was still attracting attention with many visitors at that time.

The Mona Lisa is said to have been covered with glass since the 1950s to protect the paintings.

What is the message left by the man who committed the crime?

The man who threw the cake at Mona Lisa was taken by the staff and complained “think of the Earth” when he left the scene.

According to the BBC report, “There are people who are destroying the earth. Think about it. The artist says. Think about the earth. That’s what I do (this time against Mona Lisa). That’s why I did it. “

Police detained the man in a mental health facility, according to Kyodo News. He is investigating on suspicion of attempted damage to cultural properties.

The Louvre has not made a formal comment on the incident as of the morning of May 31, Japan time.

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