The ‘Snowdrop’ cast went to surprise Jung Hae In on the set of his new drama.

The cast of the series Snowdrop Reveal the strong friendship that supports each other by the latest Jisoo BLACKPINK Kim Hye Yun Jung Shin Hye and Jung Eseo Actors from the series Snowdrop have traveled to surprise and encourage Jung Hae In currently in the process of filming a new series ‘Connect’ Along with a coffee-churros dessert truck that was prepared for him. along with the team

by Jung Hae In has posted cute photos of the 4 actresses posing cutely in a coffee truck, as well as pictures Jisoo Taking a photo for Jung Hae In in front of the car with a thank you note saying

“Our Snowdrop cast came to cheer us on during this chilly time…

with Misoo’s idea Thanks to this gift I gained a lot of power. that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I will continue to be strong until the final filming! Hye Yoon Hee Jin Jisoo Jin Hye Lee Seo Namjoon Donggu Thank you.????”

For the banner that comes with a coffee car – churros at the actors Snowdrop send it to Jung Hae In wrote a message saying “I warn you. Don’t your heart beating too hard… Now we’re connected, right? From the hostages Hye Yun, Hee Jin, Jisoo, Shinhye, Lee Seo, Namjoon, Donggu.”

while another banner placed on the side of the car wrote a message saying “Yum Yum, drink coffee and hot churros, and please be strong.”

for Connect new series Jung Hae In that is being filmed is a work from Director Takashi Miike A famous Japanese director who has produced many famous works such as Audition,Ichi the Killer and 13 Assassins The content in the series will tell the mysterious story of a young man whose organs were stolen by a gang of hunters. And make him feel connected to the person who received the organ transplant. Fans can’t wait to follow the progress and wait for the date to air this work together!

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