The social media newspaper is a fake story after Trump with 73 IQs

The social media image appears to have made the discovery about President Donald Trump.

The post shows purported newspaper failures and makes the claim that Trump's information quotient was eventually found, and it is 73 – just a few points away from "intellectually disabled" and much below the average IQ score of 100.

The problem is that the story appears to have been misrepresented: The images are misleading and there is no evidence that any of his claims are true.

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The fake headline reads: "Trump IQ results found in a former NYMA employee copy.

The text says:

"IQ test results were alleged to have been made by President Donald Trump during his first year at the New York Military Academy in a file box in the closet in Brooklyn. According to the test results, IQ Trump is 73."

The article goes on to say that a man named William Askew Jr found the files and cleared his late father's apartment. Askew explains that his father was a school counselor in the military school from 1955 to 1985.

We only do this: People have been thinking about presidential IQs for years, but we have not found any record of a presidential IQ being made public. Of course, many presidents died before the modern IQ test, and the first versions were put together in the early 1900s.

People have not primarily attempted to assign IQ numbers to the commanders. In 2006, the University of California at Davis studied by the psychologist Dean Keith Simonton estimated that IQ was at genius level at the sixth president, John Quincy Adams, somewhere between 165-175. The study applied an algorithm to presidential performance ratings from political historians and scientists, as well as presidential biographies, surveys and other sources. Simonton Thomas Jefferson's study as the second clever president with a mean score of 145-160. John F. Kennedy came third with estimated results between 138-159.

Trump, before the 45th and subsequent president, was known to challenge people in IQ trials, including when he was emphasizing that IQ Trump would be higher in comparison with the former. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He called himself a "very stable genius." However, the news coverage of these presidential claims never resulted in Trump IQ's score.

In 2013, when Trump was sent on Twitter what is his IQ score, He put tweeted in response to him, "The highest hole,".

Nothing about this viral image changes what we know (or do not know) about IQ Trump. There was no result with a reverse search on the appointed newspaper clip screen. Similarly, we could not find any articles online or in the Nexis archive of legitimate news sources that deal with the discovery of the Trump IQ score.

This is important, if such a scenario –– that the President of the United States once received test result 73 IQ –– not only would it be readily available on the internet, but reporting organizations would replicate the reported around world. A search with zero results indicates that the job is done.

What's more, the photo of "William Askew Jr." – that the man who asks for the job found the test results in the Brooklyn closet – it is really a photo from the Adobe photographic website, which is searchable by the expression “portrait of an elderly man.”

And the image of the man thought to be the father of Askew is Mr Lawrence W. Hanson, principal of the Grand Forks High School in North Dakota in the 1950s.

Jack Serafin, vice-president of the Graduate Regiment at the New York Military Academy, attended the school from 1962 to 1967, a period which came with Trump, the 1964. graduate. with demand.

"It is false, NYMA did not give IQ tests and there was no long-term 30-year advisor,‘ Askew, ", wrote Serafin. "The only tests I remember are admission to the school, such as the SAT, which was taken before applying."

Our control

According to an examination he took when he attended the New York Military Academy in the 1960s, there is a snapshot of claims that he clipped newspaper.

This test has never happened, an alumni association leader said, and the newspaper print in the picture is not outside the meme. The pictures were also selected and drawn in the positions of those involved in the discovery.

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Donald Trump says a score of 73 on an IQ test given to him while in high school in the New York Military Academy.

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