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Released in 1993,first person shooterA masterpiece called a monumental workDOOM” is known for having many portal versions, official and unofficial. Especially famous among them3DOThe source code of the issue, the developer at the time,Rebecca HeinemannOlde Sküül, a game development company represented by Mr., has been published on GitHub.

GitHub – Olde-Skuul/doom3do: The complete archive for DOOM for the 3DO

3DO was invented in 1990 by Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, as a “merger of 32-bit multimedia terminals”. Starting with Electronic Arts, Konami, Capcom, Warp, etc. have released titles for 3DO. In 1994, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic) released the 3DO compatible game machine “3DO REAL”.

by Neil.

in 2015said Heinemann himselfAccording to the report, a port of DOOM for 3DO was originally planned to be made by a game development company called Art Data Interactive buying the rights. However, Art Data Interactive did not have staff that could perform portal work, so it appears that the porting project fell under Mr. Heinemann, who was working at another company at the time.

Art Data Interactive told Mr. Heinemann, “The project is going smoothly, and all we need to do is make detailed adjustments.”Wolfenstein 3DIt seems that Mr. Heinemann, who knew the history of porting for 3DO, accepted with confidence, but in fact almost nothing has progressed. However, since the release date was already decided, the 3DO version of DOOM was developed with a fairly tight schedule of shipping work in just two and a half months.

As a result, the subsequent 3DO version of DOOM has a very low resolution and low frame rate, making it a game that forces you to play with “scary visuals on a small screen”. Therefore, it seems that the 3DO DOOM version is sometimes evaluated among fans as “the worst port version to a home game machine”.

You can see what kind of game the 3DO version of DOOM is finished by watching the following movie.

DOOM 3DO – YouTube

According to Mr. Heinemann, OS 3DO was designed on the premise that the application was initialized and cleaned, and many bugs were due to memory leaks. If you try to load the 3DO logo or the developer company logo at startup, 3DO will leak memory. By creating two and cleaning them from memory after running those apps, it appears that the main part of the game can be executed without memory leaks.

Also, there was a bug in the compiler attached to 3DO, so it was necessary to create a standard C language library independently. Furthermore, the game engine used could not use 3D perspective, and there was a problem that textures would become strange if every step was executed with a game engine. Since there was no time to fix this problem, it appears that the floor and ceiling of the 3DO version of DOOM are drawn with software rendering.

Heinemann said, “I hope you can learn something from the 3DO version of the DOOM source code, and I’m glad you asked me about the hell I went through to make this game. If I had the time, I think it would have been the best port instead of the worst.”

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