The special colors of Toyota, which challenges the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, are the cherry blossoms of the representative of Japan presented in “The Last Day of President Akio Toyoda” and Team Representative Kamui Kobayashi – Car Watch

Hybrid GR010 Racing TOYOTA GAZOO Racing with cherry blossom illustration

On June 3rd (local time), the second day of public inspection of the 24 hours of Le Mans took place. On the second day, hypercar class machines such as Porsche, Ferrari, Cadillac, and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing appeared, aiming for the overall victory of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one after the other.

Both machines are beautiful, and the spectators who visit the city of Le Mans to see the public inspection are excited. The 24 Hours of Le Mans, a special race that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans 24 Hours, where you can see one machine for about an hour, enjoy the driver’s talk show, and get autographs.

Cherry blossoms are not in full bloom, but buds are removed

Cherry blossoms are drawn on all parts of the car’s body

Mr. Kamui Kobayashi actively interacts with fans, signing autographs and taking pictures

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s GR010 Hybrid Racing, which appeared in the 100th anniversary Le Mans 24 Hours, had cherry blossom pictures drawn on various parts of the body. We asked Kamui Kobayashi, driver of car No. 7 and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WEC team representative, about the origin of the cherry blossom pattern, which appeared in the mixed zone for interviews.

Kamui said, “I started by watching the Toyota Times article about the last day of president Akio Toyoda (Akio Toyoda). There is a part that says that Sakura is representative of Japan, and that is true. “Sakura is the representative of Japan. , isn’t it? I thought I was going to win the 100th anniversary as a member of the Japanese national team, so why don’t you let me join you?”

3 places Akio Toyoda really wanted to go

Cherry blossoms before their full bloom I dared to draw

As for the design of the cherry blossoms, the direction was decided after discussions with Chairman Akio Toyoda and President Tsuneharu Sato.

However, regarding the design, he said he received his opinion during a discussion with Chairman Toyoda and President Sato. “When I was discussing the design of the cherry blossoms with the Chairman and President Sato, at first I thought the cherry blossoms would scatter at high speed, but they said, ‘If it scatters, it doesn’t is good, you have to leave. it’s blooming.” The reason is when we brought in a hybrid at this WEC, and now (Toyota) is announcing hydrogen, and it’s time to plant the seeds and make them bloom.

As for the color of the cherry blossoms, the white color is said to be an image that will soon fall, so it is made as deep pink as possible, and it is said that it is not in full bloom, but full. bloom from now on.

Certainly, if you look closely at the cherry blossoms, there are things that make you imagine the future, such as several buds.

Chairman Akio Toyoda spoke about how he came up with his own business model of “Don’t run away, speak honestly, don’t cheat,” and his 14-year tenure as president in a program called The Last Day of the Toyota Times A battle to regain the Toyota likeness that only Toyota can do,” he said, “a battle full of wounds and a solitary battle.”

Kamui Kobayashi, the team representative, put these different thoughts into the picture of cherry blossoms, and will take on the 100th anniversary Le Mans 24 Hours with cherry blossoms on his back.

When I asked Kamui Kobayashi, a team representative, about the color name of the special color version of Sakura at the end of the signature at the vehicle inspection site, he said, “I haven’t yet, but I have conveyed my thoughts. Please convey. my feelings.” was done

Every time you see the cherry blossoms painted on the GR010 Hybrid, you can feel the thoughts of Kamui Kobayashi, the team representative, Akio Toyoda’s last day as president, and the thoughts of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing team that created this car.

The final round of the 24 Hours of Le Mans will start at 16:00 on June 10th (local time, 23:00 Japan time on the 10th). Let’s support the fight of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, hoping that the cherry blossom buds will bloom in 24 hours.

Finally, Kamui Kobayashi, a team representative, said, “I don’t have a name for the special color yet, but I’ve already told you what I’m thinking. Tell me.”