The Speed ​​Element; All-Time WR Group?

The Speed ​​Element; All-Time WR Group?

How important is the depth at WR this season to install the deep ball running game with this offense? Do you see them carrying extra value long receivers on the 53-man roster or practice squad to keep this going through the season?LANDON LAND

Bryan: I don't see that they are carrying a guy by a receiver just because he can run. This team will take his shots but I believe that they will work to put the ball in the hands of these receivers as they move and let them use their ability to run after arrest as that weapon. Dak Prescott's accuracy has improved, so what is the best way to let him play this way.

Rob: I do not think that speed is the only factor that will decide on the broad acceptance group, but it is an important standard. According to your point, Sanjay Lal coach receivers say it is so important to extend the protection deeply as everything else (disadvantages, slants, etc.) is easier if you have that vertical threat. There is no coincidence that the two untouched receiver, Jalen Guyton and Jon Johnson, can get the drugs field. Whether the team is still visible.

There are large receivers around the country at the Cowboys. Who would you choose as a beginner Z, X, and a slot using any WR ever played for Dallas based on one skill? Feel free to stay in Y but for fun. Michael Irvin was the Z at Z, T.O. by X, Bob Hayes in the slot, and Jason Witten at Y.TANNER CARLSON

Bryan: Michael Irvin was my X. Dez Bryant by Z and Drew Pearson in Jason Witten's slot at the Y. B & B, it might not be suitable for everyone but my million would bring.

Rob: Three Men's Hall and another future? Not bad. Difficult to argue. I could flip Irvin and Owens, and would like to draft this all-time depth chart with Drew Pearson and Dez Bryant.

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