The spine is terrifying instead! “Koi” says come and eat here after “Nikki” posted a clip with Nobra seller.

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November 28, 2021 – 11:41

The spine is terrifying instead! “Koi Aratchaporn” Loud, come and eat here after “Nikki” Post a clip with a Nobra seller.

It is becoming a trend that netizens are paying attention to social media right now. After someone has posted a story and shared the location of a beautiful woman selling Tokyo with open chest Nobra Making many people interested until becoming a popular trend in the social world and wanting to follow to buy Tokyo immediately. Except for young people “Nicki Nachat” who asked to stick with him as well

Recently, young Nikki went to find this hot woman like Olive. Along with having posted a clip of himself with a female seller showing the style of dancing to a famous song. with the caption that “I want to eat Tokyo”

This event made friends in the industry and fans. They came in to comment and tease each other a lot. But the peak is seen as the comment of “Koi Aratchaporn” who came to comment that “Come eat here” Oh, I can tell you that just reading it makes my spine tingle instead of Nikki’s young man. I didn’t know that this forest would be able to eat Tokyo sweets. Or dessert tup tab instead, I don’t know. Tell me don’t do it

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