The spread doesn’t stop! Soang dawn cluster There are 23 people infected with coronavirus.


29 June 2021 – 14:51

Covid-19 cluster in Saengsaeng found 23 infected people. Officials investigate the disease. All were classified as high-risk exposure groups.

Reporters reported that the situation of the epidemic of corona virus or Covid-19 in Soeng Sang district, Nakhon Ratchasima province after a new cluster was detected from a 68-year-old elderly woman who was expected to be infected from A son-in-law who traveled from Nonthaburi province on June 22, 2021 before quarantining high-risk contacts for testing. More cases were found in the village, including the granddaughter of the first infected person who went to Purita School. causing the spread of infection to other areas Covering an area of ​​6 sub-districts of Soeng Sang district, until recently, there were 19 cases of infection from this cluster and more than 250 high-risk exposure groups.

Most recently, Mr. Sanit Srithavee, Soengsang District Chief Has reported the situation via its own Facebook page that four more new cases have been detected from the cluster, two from Sa Takhian sub-district villagers, one in No Somboon sub-district and one in Soeng Sang sub-district. of which in this number There were 2 students infected, 1 primary school student at Purita School and a grade 5 student at Sakulchit School. This is another private school in Soeng Sang Subdistrict Municipality. Make this new outbreak cluster cumulative. There are a total of 23 cases, which officials have investigated the disease. All were classified as high-risk exposure groups. and quarantine for infection before However, officials will continue to visit the area to investigate the disease further. and find the most vulnerable touches

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