The spy war drama “Opponent” unexpectedly wins with anti-routines

The spy war drama “Opponent” unexpectedly wins with anti-routines

2022-01-05 15:30:38Source: Beijing Evening News

“Opponent” Anti-routine Surprisingly Wins

The spy war drama “The Opponent” closed on CCTV’s eight high-profile episodes on January 3. Guo Jingfei, Ning Li, Tan Zhuo and Yan Bingyan joined forces to keep the suspense and excitement of the work to the last moment. In the New Year’s Eve file where famous characters are gathered but the overall disappointment, “Opponent” is the only high-reputation drama, which subverts the inherent impression of the audience and writes the situation of ordinary middle-aged people in the spy war situation. The unreachable “spy” was photographed out of ordinary people’s feathers. The emotional and fate of the spy couple who depended on each other in the play was moving and became a hot topic on the Internet.

Immerse thrilling spy warfare into the embarrassing middle-aged life

Speaking of spies or spy warfare, it feels both remote and unfamiliar. Many viewers’ impressions of spies are still in the epochal drama “The Pretender”. There are few contemporary spy war dramas on the screen. The “Eye of the Storm” broadcast in the past two years are all old spy war routines. The plot characters are either hardcore or cool, but the superhero mode is easy to levitate and difficult to make people. resonance. “The Opponent” hides the family and the world in the red dust of the market, depicting life very down-to-earth. The almost embarrassing middle-aged life of the protagonists and villains in the play is unexpected and interesting, which resonates with the audience.

The strange thing about “Opponents” is that it takes the villain spy, a middle-aged couple who is lurking in the mainland and engaged in spying work as the main perspective, telling the story of a battle of wits and courage between national security personnel and spies. The audience thinks that the plot is a super spy invading and stealing secrets, opening a thrilling cat and mouse game, and the show shows the “lost” spy couple Li Tang and Ding Meixi, who had to hide after they missed a mission 18 years ago. After joining the ordinary people, they started a life of impoverished spy warfare. The two lurked at the risk of being arrested while worrying about various trivial matters in life. The anti-routine setting with the villain as the protagonist is an important reason why “Opponent” has become a dark horse on the screen. In fact, it is not difficult to discover through spy cases revealed in recent years that spies living in the present are covered by false identities, and they are no different from ordinary people in daily life. The unique plot setting of “The Opponent” also reflects that “the spy is in us.” “Besides” theme.

“Opponents” brought together Mesozoic acting sects, and several leading actors captured the hearts of many drama fans by virtue of their successful portrayal of the pyrotechnics of ordinary people. Li Tang, played by Guo Jingfei, always has a tired and useless look. He is mostly confused in his taxi. He has suffered a lot of occupational diseases from running all the year round; Ding Meixi, played by Tan Zhuo, uses a calm and restrained tone to the students during the day. During tuition, my daughter’s voice and expression are like all mothers in the world. At night, she sits on the bedside with a mask and calculates the tight income with her husband… This spy couple’s life is mostly related to many ordinary couples. The same, in every day’s trivial love and daughter’s puppy love cyclically.

Both pros and cons are touching people’s hearts

In addition to life stages, many plots in the play are based on spy funds as clues. The income of spies is actually lower than most people think. This is also a key realistic point in “The Opponent”. The changes in the motivations and thoughts of many characters’ behaviors become reasonable because of the “low income”. A plot with a sense of black humor and absurdity is that Li Tang, who was urged by his wife for money, said that when he saw the high bonuses reported by the counterintelligence, he wanted to report himself.

The middle-aged Li Tang and Ding Meixi are still burdened with huge psychological pressure and moral burden. They have no energy to make any trouble anymore. They only want the funds in place and their daughter is safe, but once they receive an order, they can’t do it. Do not incarnate as an execution machine, do everything you can to complete tasks. Several sections in the play are impressive. Ding Meixi betrayed her body for her work as a “spy”. After the task was completed, she would take out the toothbrush she carried with her and brush her teeth immediately. It seemed that behind her expressionless face was numb, she was an extremely distorted heart. Li Tang is harmless to humans and animals in daily life, but in the task, his extremely depressed mood is suffocating. When the camera turns back, when the two of them were young, their mutual love for poetry and their vision for a better future were all wiped out in the life of a spy that had been shameless for more than ten years.

On the other hand, the national security investigator Duan Yingjiu, played by Yan Bingyan, has a firm belief and persistent goal despite her middle-aged marital crisis and incompatibility with her son. In the play, Duan Yingjiu can determine his residence through the suspect’s habit of ordering takeout, and judge whether the other party has received special training through the memory and bandaging skills of others. The old investigator did not miss every detail, and to avoid the leakage of important national intelligence, the character’s words and deeds represent professionalism and responsibility.

Everyone in “Opponent” has his own emotions and different aspects. Although there are differences between good and evil, the fate of the characters on both sides affects people’s hearts. In the play, the spy couple Li Tang and Ding Meixi finally compromised in order to raise their non-biological daughters after they are in desperation, showing the kind side of human nature. In the finale, the investigator Duan Yingjiu found his family and himself. The moment the work ended, people didn’t realize that this was a spy war drama with ups and downs, or a life drama of warmth and healing.

At the moment when screen life dramas are everywhere, a spy war drama is commendably sinking. It expresses the spy war theme through life realism and hides the main melody in the natural and sincere human emotions. The works are both literary and humorous, irony and warning. Qi Fei’s style of painting has broken through the bottleneck of the subject matter all the time, and has given richer possibilities for the creation of spy war dramas in the peaceful era.Reporter Qiu Wei




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